Stress, but the good kind / the education diary (4)

It’s been a while since I last updated the TED series and a lot has happened since my first week at uni. If you haven’t read my last education diary (3), click here for a little update! ☀︎

How am I feeling right now?

Stressed, tired, excited, like I am exactly where I should be

Hard work and happiness

Despite my regular upload schedule on this blog, shit’s been getting crazy. Thank god for scheduled posts. I understand all of the student/uni memes I see on Facebook now – they are not exaggerating. Professors have been piling on projects and tests and it seems like the workload just keeps increasing. People have actually found me passed out in the library (I wish I were kidding).

Uni has been exhausting but in a good kind of way. I generally feel like I am being productive again, something I always miss during the summer time. I am learning so much about the things I love and although it’s a ton of work I am really enjoying the challenges that present themselves. Whenever someone asks me how I’ve been liking uni and if I’m still happy with my choice of further education I always get this huge grin on my face. I am just so glad I got accepted to this uni! It honestly makes me so happy because I got to make a choice that was mine and only mine for once. The other students around me are literally buzzing with creativity and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such an imaginative energy.

Organisational chaos

As much as I have been enjoying my time here, I have found that it’s particularly difficult for me to stay organized and I don’t know why. I never had a problem with this in the past, it’s only now that I struggle a lot with keeping an overview of deadlines, tests and other important dates. I’ve been so overwhelmed with all of the work that I don’t even know where to begin. How can I manage my time better? Are there any good student apps out there? If you have any tips on getting your life together, my chaotic self would be very grateful 🙌🏼

Taking a breath 

As mentioned, I have been loving the fact that I have a schedule packed to the brim – the only problem is that I sometimes tend to overwork myself. When this happens I usually stay up extremely late studying (until 3-4 am). The next day pays off well because I studied intensely for hours but I fail to do anything remotely productive the rest of the day because I am just so.freaking.tired. This has now become a cycle – one that I can’t seem to break out of. And it’s killing me very slowly. During working I do take breaks (like a normal human being) but I am just so tense with all of the deadlines ahead that I can’t properly relax and recharge. This is mostly mentally although it does have physical effects on me as well. I am not quite sure how to resolve this problem, I only know that I can’t continue going on like this. Yes, I get things done, but at what cost?

Maintaining this blog takes up a lot of my time, so when I take a break I usually tend to get some writing done. I absolutely adore blogging, I am more in love with it than ever but I have now heard on more than one occasion from friends that I do so much for uni and this blog that they are worried that I don’t have enough time for myself. But writing is just how I like to express myself, let everything out and vent. Having this outlet that I pour my heart and soul into is probably what I am most passionate about right now.


Questions From A Teenager has changed quite a bit this year and I am particularly proud of The Person Behind series I created. I like the diversity it brings to this blog, something I always wanted to achieve by guest posts by different bloggers, etc. It takes a lot of research to come up with questions and I have to invest a lot of time in contacting different people (potential interviewees) and writing up proposals. I am enjoying the extra work I have to put into this but am not sure if I can continue this throughout the whole year with the stack of work from uni increasing everyday. This is why I have decided to dedicate different seasons to The Person Behind series. The interviews that are released in 2017 will be part of Season 1 and if it goes well and I can spare the time, I will launch Season 2 sometime in 2018. I have gotten some delightful feedback on this series, so I am really trying to make it work and continue the project.

If you want to be featured on The Person Behind, contact me here.

Uni life and blogging have been so fulfilling for me this year. Going forward, I hope that I continue being passionate about these two things in my life. Because right now, despite the stress and difficulties that come along with it, I am so happy.

6 thoughts on “Stress, but the good kind / the education diary (4)

  1. It’s good that even thought uni’s stressing you out, you still see the good side and you’re happy!! Anyway, you might want to consider having a planner to manage your time and schedule better. 🙂

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    1. I have a planner, but unfortunately I’m very lazy with it – I just forget to write things in because I’ve gotten out the routine of updating it every time I get a new assignment. I am trying to use it more though, I think I just have to get used to it again. Thanks for the tip though! ☀︎


  2. My first year in university was a roller coaster for me! They plan it to weed out the ones who aren’t really serious about things and who won’t last (or at least that’s what the rumours say haha). The best advice that I got, after actually failing two classes and being put on academic probation, was to recognize your limits. I was running a full course load (5 classes) plus working part-time and volunteering once a week. I couldn’t give up work or volunteering (that was my break from it all) so I changed my schedule. I dropped to 4 classes a term. Sure it meant that over the summers I took a course or two online, to make up the difference, but my mental health was boosted! It was still hectic, but it was managed chaos haha.

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    1. Sounds like a lot of stress – I’m glad you figured it out for yourself though. Compromise is so important! You brought up a great point – recognizing one’s personal limit is key when it comes to being productive. I think university life in general will always be a little chaotic – In the midst of still figuring out myself and basic tasks like paying my own bills, university has taken the back seat in all of this. My saviour has been that my uni gives all students Mondays off – so I can be a little more flexible when it coms to planning out my days. I think what a lot of people don’t realise is that blogging has hours you have to dedicate like a job, especially if you want to post regularly. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it is tough to find time for writing when I have a stack of work in front of me.

      “Managed chaos” is how I like to call the mess in my apartment! 😂

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