How I like to express myself

In the early days of this blog I started a series called Expressing Myself in which I only ever wrote one post (haha fail): Expressing myself #1: Building a fortress.

Well, I am back two years later with another post on this topic, this time diving into numerous factors in my life that help me express myself.

Before we get started, I would like to share that this post is in collaboration with the wonderful Georgie. She also did a post on this very subject which you can read here.

There are so many ways to express yourself nowadays, these are just a few of mine:


Let’s start with the most obvious thing here, shall we? I think it is pretty clear that I enjoy voicing my opinion on this platform I created for myself. Writing is a great source of release and especially with this blog and its community, it isn’t something isolating but more like something that ties us all together. My passion for writing has only grown since I first started out blogging and I’d like to think that I have since then developed my writing style / voice. I love how you can evoke so many emotions in a reader by simply using words. Amongst these lengthier blog posts I also post my own poetry, something I have really gotten into these past few years. Poetry to me is an extension of writing, one that allows me to play with the words and their meaning, to experiment with all kinds of methods and styles. I resumed writing a book again, something my wonderful blogging friend Chloe convinced me to pick up again. (Heavy self-critisism led me to put the project on halt the first time around but I’d forgotten how much I enjoy writing fiction!)


Photography is a fairly new interest of mine that has developed over the last three years. I love how a photo can speak volumes and I have really come to enjoy learning more and more as I go. My dad is a huge photography buff and is always up for helping me grow more. With photography also comes editing, something I am only now properly learning at uni. It has been a process, but I do feel like I have gotten a lot better since I first started taking the art of photography seriously.


A passion of mine that I have been developing ever since I was a child is filming and editing videos. Much like photography I prefer to learn through doing. Editing especially is a chance for me to experiment and expand my knowledge. Everything I know as of now is self-taught knowledge. In my second semester which starts next week I will also have my first ever videography lecture and I am very excited!

Drawing / Painting

One thing I don’t share as openly as other passions of mine is drawing and painting, the reason being that I as a self-critical human being don’t really find myself to be any good. It’s just one of those things where I haven’t really found any confidence in yet but I still really enjoy doing. Like writing, making art is a very therapeutic activity for me. Nowadays I mostly will use my art journal as an outlet or paint on canvasses.


Although I haven’t been playing too much recently, the piano is an instrument I hope will  accompany me throughout my life. I love how elegant of an instrument it is and the endless possibilities that come along with playing. When I come home for the weekend I will sometimes just make up my own tunes and songs on the piano. Music in general is just such a huge source of inspiration for me and when I play I get this “floating” sensation… it’s hard to explain if you don’t know what I mean. The only way I can think to properly describe it is a bodiless feeling – like you’re not in your body but with the notes (I know that sounds crazy but it truly is an incredible feeling to immerse yourself fully in music, to lose yourself even). I just get this weird clarity when I play.

Making my space ‘mine’

This is one of my favourite things to do. I love decorating my room and I really think that my room in my parent’s house reflects my personality. I am always adding to it and my room at uni. I like having a lot of pictures of the things I love everywhere, I have a ton of books and paintings and scribblings.


How can I even begin to sum up my utter fascination with collaging? I collage as part of room decor, in my journal, on canvasses,… everywhere. Even on my light switches and doors you can be sure to find a collage.


I think it goes without saying that one of the best ways to express yourself is with others. Joining a club where everyone shares the same interest is such a rewarding experience. Because I am a massive booknerd I of course joined a book club. At first I was a Little timid about joining a club full of strangers so what I did at first was buddy-reading with my friends and family. It was actually through buddy-reading that I was asked to join the book club I am currently in.

Soooo…. this is it (for now anyway). I hope that you enjoyed this post even though it didn’t include singing or dancing – sadly I am hopeless at those two things. But if you can do either, what type of singing/dance to you do?

And if you are also a shitty dancer/singer like me, how do you, yes you reading this, like to express yourself? Let me know!

Fiona x

29 thoughts on “How I like to express myself

  1. Oh wow Book Club! I’ve never actually thought about joining a book club, but that sounds like a great expressive outlet! I WISH I could draw or paint but that’s one artistic talent I do NOT have at all! I can’t draw a circle. Lol loved this post tho!

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  2. Never give up on your writing (or your other artistic pursuits). I did that for many years and now I feel I have fallen so far behind. And you die a little inside when you give up on those things. Always keep doing this. be true to yourself.

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    1. I get that feeling of falling behind sometimes, especially when it comes to the piano. Unfortunately my flat is too small for it so I can only play when I visit home. I went from playing everyday to playing sporadically. It was a huge adjustment for me. Thank you for this wonderful comment!

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  3. I LOVE photography. It’s such a form of escapism for me and I can’t wait to develop my passion – I hope you do too!

    Don’t even get me started on writing! I could legit go on for days so before I ruin your comment section I’m gonna leave it here haha. This was a great post!

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    1. Hey Alex, that’s so cool! I agree with what you said about it being a form of escapism – I think that’s one of the reasons I’m so taken with photography and film. You can create a whole story separate from your life. And about writing – I KNOW RIGHT? It’s just aaahhhhh. On the one hand I could go on about it for so long, but sometimes I’m just at a loss for words. Writing to me is… everything. I’d actually really like to hear your thoughts on writing, so if you have the time and motivation to write it all in an email for me some day, I’d love to read it! I actually have a series called the passion project and I think that it would be really cool to bring your perspective on writing into it. Just an idea, let me know what you think!

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      1. Urghh dude, you’re so cool. Yes! I love the fact that you can get so lost in a picture that it can actually make you forget about about reality – even if it’s only for a few minutes.
        Yes, yes and more yes to writing! It’s 100% hands down my FAVOURITE hobby and without it, I know I would be lost in the world.
        I am TOTALLY gonna write to you – It’d be a honour to take part! Expect my email soon!

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  4. There are so many amazing ideas and things to express yourself in this post Love it! Loving your blog, and thank you for sharing how you express yourself, it can be a personal topic, so thanks for giving us the insight.

    xx Laura

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  5. LOOOVE this as always – thanks for the little mention too, that made me smile! Never give up on your writing because you are AMAZING and you need to believe that!! Seriously girl I would buy your book / poetry / whatever in a heartbeat. Totally agree with you on the ‘making my space mine’ thing – it’s one of my favourite things to do! Decorate my room so that when people enter it they just get a sense of me and who I am, I love that. I used to play the piano but stopped when I was younger (which I regret) – it’s such a beautiful instrument! xx

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  6. Does dancing in a club count? Haha my secret talent is that I can rap along to loads of songs but I wouldn’t say I have a good voice – and definitely not singing!!
    I love that you indulge in so many creative outlets. They say that videos will soon take over photography in terms of what we see on the web and so that’s a great thing to get into. And how impressive that you are self-taught. Like I can just about speed up a video clip. You’re very talented and inspirational.
    Definitely write your book. There’s nothing to lose. I’m wanting to do an e-book but I have zero clue to go about it and I keep thinking – I might as well address this to me because who will buy. But I guess the purpose is more to follow your passion. Is your book going to be like a novel based on characters or one based on you and your life? Or a third option?xx

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