museum love.

When I was younger, I used to sigh whenever my parents told my brother and I that we were going to a museum. They were filled with things I didn’t really understand and didn’t want to understand. A family trip at a museum meant spending a couple of hours being bored and wanting to go to a playground instead.

Only when I grew older and developed a keen interest for art, both making it myself and studying the art of others, I found myself being drawn to museums more and more.

beautiful Vienna.

Lucky for me, Vienna houses a great deal of art and also birthed some pretty famous artists like Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Gustav Klimt.

Albertina museum, Vienna.

Museums to visit in Vienna:

◦ Albertina
◦ Leopold Museum
◦ Kunsthistorisches Museum
◦ Belvedere
◦ Hundertwasser Museum
Sleep by Gottfried Helnwein (2008), oil and acrylic on canvas.

“Art cannot be modern. Art is primordially eternal.”

-Egon Schiele

Art is an expressive outlet for me, whether it be art as in writing, painting, drawing, collaging, photography, videography,… Art lets me escape reality. Art is thereputic to me. Art inspires me. Art is everywhere. What is art to you?

17 thoughts on “museum love.

  1. I love museums! I can’t remember a time when I’ve not liked them. I use to hate art galleries though. I went on a school trip to one aged 8 and the only painting I liked was a vase filled with sunflowers. You summarised art perfectly. Art for me is a way to let my heart speak. To say the things I can’t say verbally. And to explore sides of me hidden beneath my everyday exterior. xx

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  2. I’ve always been quite fond on museums! I’m going to Amsterdam in October and I cannot wait to explore their museums, as there’s so many to choose from. Vienna looks beautiful, I’d love to make it there someday too.

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    1. Amsterdam has some great museums, if you’re interested in learning about beer I’d recommend the “Heineken experience”, it’s a really well-made and insightful tour (plus you get free beer). Otherwise, the Van Gogh Museum is definitely a must-see! Vienna is definitely a beautiful city, if you get the chance to visit definitely go!

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  3. my first thought when i read this post: AESTHETICCCCC. YESSS. BREATHE IT IN.
    I’m going to stop being creepy now.
    I love museums. Even when I was younger I loved them. I might not be widely read, or especially connected to art, but there’s always been something about museums that has drawn me to them. Maybe it’s the feeling of peace that comes with looking at, and appreciating the work done by people before you and your time. The way you can simply take in their peace, insanity, frenzied emotions, fears and loves. I think there’s something so beautiful about that.

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    1. Oh don’t stop on my account, I like a healthy dose of creepy.
      And you expressed it so beautifully, I definitely agree with you that one doesn’t have to be an art expert to enjoy a galery or museum. The whole atmosphere it provides can offer so much more than an in-depth analysis on each and every piece of work. Thank you for sharing!


  4. One of my goals is to start going to more museums because I honestly find them so fascinating – I’m the same as you, I only began to appreciate museums as I got older. When I was younger, they were just boring places filled with things I didn’t care about. Art to me is, as you know, writing – words. I always love knowing that everything is and can be art xx

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    1. Same and I’ve definitely been fulfilling that promise to myself this year! If there’s an exhibition going on for a limited time then I go and see it (instead of saying I’m going to and then forget about it again). I feel like art is such a vital piece in culture and has so many sides to it – therepeutically & aesthetically speaking. Love that art means so many different things to various people, it shows how fluid and flexible the term really is! Thanks for sharing, Chlo xx

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  5. My parents used to love museums too when I was younger and I never saw the attraction. I think it depends on the museum: some I can spend hours in and others I get bored easily inside of and cannot wait to escape from. The buildings of the museums are normally beautifully made themselves though so one does not need to enter to see art! xx

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    1. Oh yes, sometimes the building is just as beautiful as the art itself! And I agree, it depends on what you like in terms of artists, style and more. I have been getting into modern art a lot more recently, as it offers a variety of different art forms and ways to experience art (such as through sound, video, photography, and much more). xx

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