Monthly Music: february 20

If I had to describe February with one word it would be whirlwind. A whirlwind of rock and indie mixed with a touch of punk and metal. There was also a fair share of classical music but I am planning a separate post sharing some of my favorite classics with you.

I was a little all over the place but musically speaking I was L-O-V-I-N-G it. Who doesn’t like a healthy mix of genres?

❥ As always, feel free to let me know what you have been listening to this month! (Your girl needs some inspiration) And, because I’m curious: What’s a song / album / artist that has helped you through a tough time in your life?


Soft Currents – Alexandra Savior

Johan Van Bronx – The Voidz

Permanent High School – The Voidz

Pyramid of Bones – The Voidz

I Want To Be Loved – The Royal Jesters

These Days – Paul Ruben

Social Cues – Cage The Elephant

Cold Cold Cold – Cage The Elephant

House Of Glass – Cage The Elephant

Touched By An Angel – The Memories

On The Way – Paul McCartney

House Of The Wizard – Easy Giant

Sex Tourists – French Kicks

On Track – Tame Impala

One More Hour – Tame Impala

Putrid Pride – $uicideBoy$

Soft Currents by Alexandra Savior

Beautiful. That’s all I really have to say about this track. There’s something so angelic about Alexandra’s voice, something that emits a calm that pulls you in right from the start. It feels so special when you discover a fairly unknown artist and for me, Alexandra was one of those rare finds I instantly connected with and never wanted to let go.

I find happiness in the wrong places

Every time

My fate is at the hand of my mistakes

And that’s alright

My fate is in your hand

Without you even trying

Permanent High School by The Voidz

I love love love The Voidz so much. I have always been a massive The Strokes fan, so when I first discovered that the lead singer – Julian Casablancas – had founded the experimental rock band The Voidz I was so freaking stoked. I wanted to kick myself for not finding out sooner. Julian is an amazing songwriter and that definitely reflects in every single song. What I love about The Voidz so much is that they do not shy away with trying out new things, new sounds, new genres.

Sometimes it’s easier to cry
Than try to figure out why

These Days by Paul Ruben

I first heard this song on the Austrian radio channel FM4. It was around 8:30 in the morning and I was in my car driving to uni. When this song came on I froze (don’t worry I didn’t crash my car). They didn’t say the name of the song and as I was driving I had no time to check. So for the two and a half minutes this song lasted I just kept trying to remember 8:37. For the rest of the car ride I kept repeating 8:37, 8:37, 8:37 in my brain.

Paul Ruben is an Austrian artist and I would really like to see him live before he blows up (I have a feeling that he will). This song has 3041 views on YouTube right now. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I have discovered a gem of a song, one I will treasure forever.

I’m in time – she’s late.

I went by – she sways

when her eyes read me – see me

and her arms – seize me.

These days. Please stay.

Social Cues by Cage The Elephant

I listened to a ton of Cage The Elephant this month as ‘preparation’ – I saw them live mid February in London and ever since I bought the tickets around Christmas I was so pumped (The concert was AMAZING by the way).

Cage The Elephant is easily one of my favourite bands. Their style has evolved quite a bit over the years but somehow it just…works. There’s such an effortless vibe to their music, one I keep coming back to. I think it is impossible to listen to too much Cage The Elephant.

House Of Glass by Cage The Elephant

My first thought when I heard this song was that it sounded so much like The Voidz had a baby. It is nice to see that the Voidz’ are not only influencing their own genre but also impacting the Indie Rock genre.

Contrary to popular opinion I actually like when you can hear the song’s inspiration. Because let’s be honest… all artists draw inspiration from other artists. Be it from ones that have been forgotten or ones who are defining music to this day. Music is a community. Communities take ideas and develop them further… they learn from each other. And that is an aspect I find so beautiful in music.

On Track by Tame Impala

You didn’t think I was going to end this post without talking about at least one song of Tame Impala’s new album, did you? I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST.

Thank you thank you thank you Kevin Parker. Thank you for this song. Oh my god (yes that was necessary). No words can express how much this song has meant to me ever since it came out. The lyrics are like a reflection of my life right now, my mantra moving forward.

But strictly speaking, I’m still on track

Strictly speaking, I’m holding on

One other minor setback

But strictly speaking, I’m still on track

And all of my dreams are still in sight

Strictly speaking, I’ve got my whole life

I lost a wheel a while back

But strictly speaking, I’m still on track

Trouble keeps falling in my lap

Strung out again, but still on track


This year’s playlist cover theme is classical / existential art memes.


10 thoughts on “Monthly Music: february 20

  1. I don’t know what’s happening, but somehow a lot of people I like (and I) have been getting into classical music! I saw this post right after I finished a draft for a post on classical music too! I’m really looking forward to your favourites. Classical music really is something else altogether.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been noticing that as well – and I am all for it! I have loved classical music ever since starting to play the piano more than 10 years ago. Yet for whatever reason, I felt kind of ashamed to admit that I enjoyed listening to classical music. I didn’t admit it for a long time in my teens (only to my fellow pianists). For the past three years, it has become something I am proud of and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy to hear that you have also become a fan, classical music is definitely a timeless art only a few of our generation truly appreciate!

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