Holi Festival of colors

Different cultures and traditions have always been a great interest of mine, as my family is scattered across the globe. A lot of my friends come from different countries and each friend brings new backgrounds, stories and experience with them. So when a friend of mine from India told me about a festival of colours, I was dead set on experiencing it for myself.

The Holi is a festival that originates from India and Nepal and is also known as the festival of sharing love. My friend told me that traditionally it’s a two-day celebration and that typically you start the celebration of with a bonfire that symbolises that good always triumphs over the evil forces.

As I live in Europe, I didn’t expect it to be as grand as in India. My experience proved me right. Though I had never attended such a festival, it did feel very similar to basic music foam festivals. There was a DJ line up, a lot of partying going on and it didn’t feel like it had anything to do with the original festivals’ purpose. Nevertheless, I still had a blast dancing in a fog of misty colours.

Side note: Definitely bring something to cover your mouth, because the powder really doesn’t taste good.

Although I was a little disappointed in the organisers lack of regard of the historical and religious background, I still had a lot of fun and even put together a little video for keep’s sake. I still dream of traveling to India and experiencing the real deal though. One day I hopefully will…

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