Deep shit

A man on the train sat next to me and after roughly five minutes of silence he asked me:

If everything you said would appear on your skin like a permanent tattoo, would you be more careful of what to say?

This question has resonated with me for months. Would I think more about what to say before I actually say it? After debating on what to answer I told him yes. He asked me another question:

But if you carefully construct and plan everything you say, does it truly come from the heart or would it just create a giant mask that you bear on your body?

I was speechless. It’s not everyday a stranger talks to you about deep stuff like that. And it really made me think. Anyway, I was thinking about it today again and decided I needed to write it down so that I’ll never forget.

3 thoughts on “Deep shit

      1. I think most definitely, sometimes we struggle to think before we say something. And although there are some things we wouldn’t want to be permanently tattooed onto our body…. those things have been permanently tattooed in our past and on the bodies of others.

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