The Person Behind: The Style Of Laura Jane

On this week’s edition of The Person Behind Laura from The Style Of Laura Jane took me on an inspirational adventure of style, body confidence and some heartfelt advice.

Fiona: Hey Laura, how old are you?

Laura: I turned 25 last month.

F: What is something you’ve always wanted to learn but never gotten around to actually doing?

L: There are so many things that I would love to learn. A big goal of mine is to speak fluently in Spanish.

F: What promted you to start a blog?

L: For years I wanted to be a blogger but I did not have the guts to do it. I would explore other blogs out there and plan what I would do different. After gaining more confidence and going through my health transition, I took the plunge and have never looked back.

F: How would you describe your blog to an outsider?

L: It is lifestyle (as most blogs are), although I would mention that it incorporates a range of issues from sexual assault to dealing with difficulties in childhood. It really is my world and everything that I love; poetry, health and fitness, mental health, fashion, beauty and general living. I am a trained makeup-artist so I feel that I can give great advice on glamour.

F: What advantages and disadvantages have you experienced in the online world?

L: The biggest advantage is meeting new people. I love connecting online because my ‘normal’ friends have different interests. It is nice to have passions that others worldwide can share and relate to. It still amazes me that I speak daily to others from all over the globe.

In terms of disadvantages, I think the online world can create communication problems. Words can easily be misinterpreted. Sometimes I receive comments which make me question whether the person is being friendly or critical. You also do not always know how you are being perceived. Unfortunately judgement happens.

F: I saw that you also write poems from time to time – what inspires you to write?

L: I have been writing poetry since I was 11. As mentioned, I threw away my diary. I wanted to have an outlet where I could share my thoughts and feelings without later being ashamed. Poetry is therapeutic and is a way for me to open up without blurting out loud. My poems always contain hidden meanings that I do not think people pick up.

F: Who is a style icon in your eyes?

L: I have to say Audrey Hepburn. I believe we have quite similar style. I prefer to wear clothes that are simplistic and neutral. I used to purposely dress like her during my early twenties.

F: You often touch on the subject of body positivty and confidence – what’s your advice for young girls growing up being pressured to look a certain way by the media?

L: My advice is – you will never win. The media will forever change their ideals because they do not want women to have an attainable look. By constantly making you feel insecure or not perfect, they can market products and sell false hope.

I have many flaws. My six scoliosis surgeries resulted in two long scars down my back, an uneven hip and one leg slightly longer than the other. I have an overbite, a shoulder that dislocates, acne scars and arms out of proportion to my body. However, I focus on health. I exercise and eat well and that has given me a toned figure. Whilst I could sit and cry about my flaws, I choose to look towards the positive. As a makeup artist, I have met the most beautiful models who were full of insecurity. You have to train your mind to not be negative.

F: What does your skincare routine consist of?

L: Nowadays my skincare is quite basic. I use a nivea moisturiser and a Simple cleanser. I switch between Simple and Apivita which is a natural brand. I also exfoliate 3 times a week and use a Caudalie hydrating mark or a Dr. Organic clay one.

F: Any last words for your readers?

L: I like to leave things on an inspirational note. Therefore, I will say – keep doing you. It is easily said and rarely taken in. However, you have to trust in yourself. There will always be pessimistic people out there, who have enough jealousy or hatred in their hearts to push it onto others. Understand that it is a problem with them and you are not the one needing to change.

Thank you Laura for taking the time to answer these questions! Blogs like yours inspire me everyday.

Click here to visit The Style Of Laura Jane.

About this series:

The Person Behind is an interview series I started on this blog to ask fellow creatives about themselves and their work. In this online-dominated world the way we communicate and work has shifted – blogs, Instagram accounts and YouTube channels are one of the most common ways of expressing ourselves and sharing our art. To shed light on this, The Person Behind focuses mainly on online personalities and their individual platforms.

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