The Person Behind: Anja Ge

The Person Behind is back with fashion blogger and YouTube newcomer Anja Ge! Get ready to discover her favourite travel destination, her guide to happiness and her personal challenges with the World Wide Web.

Fiona: How old are you?

Anja: I am 33 y.o.

F: What prompted you to start blogging?

A: I started blogging by accident. In 2013 I saw Bodo Sheaffer’s motivational speech, in which he introduced an exercise that was to change my life. It required writing down each day 5 things that make me proud of myself. The easiest way to store such writings was online, so I created my very first blog. Soon after, I moved from the UK to the Czech Republic, where I felt very lonely. During long evenings blogging became my main entertainment, but it took a few more years before I figured out what I wanted from it. In a result, Anja Ge’s blog was founded.

F: You cover an impressive range of topics on your blog – could you give me a little overview of what your blog is about?

A: I oscillate around two subjects: fashion and self-improvement. The blog evolves with me and so does the content. For example, during last year, I got interested in sustainable fashion, so in consequence, I write more about it. From time to time, I add personal updates, cos with time my readers became my friends, and I like to share with them what I am up to at the moment.

F: What advantages and disadvantages have you experienced in the online world?

A: There are many advantages of online presence. The support of the community, gaining self-confidence and self-awareness or financial benefits are only a few. Next, to all these positives, there is only one negative that comes to my mind and it is negative responses from readers that happen every now and than. I am aware that not everybody has to like my writings, but at times, it is very difficult not to take very harsh and negative comments personally.

F: How would you describe your style?

A: I consider my style as basic. It combines various designs of denim pants with one color tops. I am obsessed with making everything match with each other, cos it makes styling any look super easy.  For my statement piece, I usually choose shoes, cos as I see it, an amazing pair of shoes instantly elevates the simplest outfit. For this fall I got a pair of black boots with transparent, plexi heels and I feel like these shoes are enough of extravagance to make my denim uniform look unforgettable.

F: I particularly enjoyed your post on how to boost self – confidence. What does your own journey to body positivity look like?

A: I believe the key is in self-acceptance mixed with self-motivation. I look up to my idols. To name a few they are Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, and Jillian Michaels. I learn about their routines, diets and try it out in my daily life. But I do not get too crazy about it. When something feels forced, I drop it cos on the top of that, I add motto borrowed from Sarah, from Sarah’s Day ( , to always listen to your body.

F: You often document your travel experiences – what’s your favourite place you’ve been to and why?

A: This is a tough one. Most of the places I visited was unforgettable because of various reasons. One that my thought often come back to is Jember in Indonesia. I lived for a couple of months and I loved a lot of things about it. Beginning with the cuisine and landscapes, ending with lifestyle of Indonesians seemed perfect for me. The most amazing was lack of rush. Life was flowing there at its own speed and nothing could interrupt it. It was very peaceful feeling and I miss it a lot.

F: What trend do you hope never comes back and what trend would you happily live with forever?

A: The only thing that comes to my mind is super low waist denim from the beginning of the 2000s. I really do not fancy that look, but I did wear a lot of it in the past. Otherwise, I am open to all the trends.

F: Could you take me behind the scenes of what a photo shoot is like? Describe the creative process you go through before, during and after you shoot your outfits!

A: Most of the pictures I shoot alone using Nikon D3300 and ML-L3 remote control. I have the camera on me almost every day, but I shoot only outfits that feel particularly good. It happens that I plan to shoot, but as I go I change my mind. On other days I do not even think of shooting, but then I see a perfect spot, that suits how I feel that day, and, in results, I have extraordinarily good pictures.
I am quite picky choosing the locations, because of the light. When shooting alone, I need a spot with good parameters, so the pictures have good colors and an image is clear.

F: You also own a YouTube channel – what kind of content do you post and how has starting your own channel benefitted you since?

A: Playing with youtube appeared to be different than I expected. Working with a new type of media is very challenging, cos I need to learn how to edit and shoot videos, but I really enjoy it. Doing it gave me a new perspective on what I am doing and hopefully, it will also grow my audience.

F: Any last words / advice for your readers?

A: To everyone, who is on the way to find their sense in life, I advise trying to list each day 5 things that make them proud of themselves. It is a great way to learn what makes you happy. And to everybody who is already living the life they wanted, I wish it will last forever.

Thank you Anja for participating in this feature of The Person Behind. 

Click here to visit Anja’s blog. 

And while you’re at it, definitely give her YouTube videos a watch!

About this series:

The Person Behind is an interview series I started on this blog to ask fellow creatives about themselves and their work. In this online-dominated world the way we communicate and work has shifted – blogs, Instagram accounts and YouTube channels are one of the most common ways of expressing ourselves and sharing our art. To shed light on this, The Person Behind focuses mainly on online personalities and their individual platforms.

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