Monthly Music: october 17

What a month it has been. I feel like a changed person and it’s only been a month between this Monthly Music edition and the last one from September. As always, I’ll leave my Spotify playlist embedded at the end of this post.

What have you been listening to this month?

The thing I love about this series (and creating monthly playlists in general) is that I get to witness how my music taste evolves in sometimes such a short time span. It’s a nostalgic thing to look back upon, the memories the songs evoke, the mood I was in, the different periods in my life and everything happening around me.

I accumulated a very diverse mix of songs this month so for this October edition I decided to try out listing my favourite songs by atmosphere. At the end of each list there will be a featured song from the playlist I find extremely noteworthy.


Good Morning – Ralph Castelli
Rocky Horror – NoMBe
Twigs and Stones – Siskiyou
Sleep Apnea – Beach Fossils
That’s my Desire – Buddy Holiday
Word of Mouth – Allan Rayman
Wallowa Lake Monster – Sufjan Stevens
Frost – Coast Modern
My Willig Heart – James Blake
6 8 – Gabriel Garzón-Montano
Tommy’s Party – Peach Pit
Reflections After Jane – The Clientele


Ralph Castelli is a relatively unknown artist whose work is very balanced and soothing. As you can imagine, Good Morning is a lovely relaxed tune for getting ready in the morning. Another song of his definitely worth checking out is Better Things, which has wonderful lyrics.

I would also like to use this as an opportunity to introduce you to one of my all-time favourite music channels on YouTube, TheLazylazyme. I have discovered countless artists through this channel and the owner regularly uploads a variety of different songs. So if you want a source of new music from undiscovered artists, definitely pay a visit.



Walking On A Dream – Empire Of The Sun
Dreamgaze – CASTLEBEAT
Back To Me – Goodbye Honolulu
Move On (2017 Remastered Version) – David Bowie
Hollow Life – Coast Modern
Lady Lie – Rainbow Kitten Surprise
I Believe In Love – Yellow Days
Paranoid (2009 Remastered Version) – Black Sabbath
Queen – P.H.F., Clairo
Ain’t It Funny – Danny Brown
Black Leaf – The Cave Singers


Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun instantly manages to put a grin on my face. The 2009 hit may be older, but hasn’t lost its charm. I feel like this is one of those timeless tracks that I could listen to in different stages in my life and never get bored of.



Outro – M83
Murder – Danger Incorporated
Ashley Olsen – Danger Incorporated
Master Of None – Beach House
All Your Yeahs – Beach House
New Year – Beach House
Slush Puppy – King Krule
Shaush – Biskwiq
Unaware – Mk.Gee
All Your Words – JIL


Oh, how much I love M83. Outro is one of my favourites that I have dubbed a masterpiece on many occasions. This song makes me think about life in such an incredible way, it’s like a journey of discovery, an epic experience on a different level, on a different planet. Their sound is dramatic and haunting but in such an alluring and beautiful way. Some other tracks to listen into are Wait, Midnight City and Starwaves.



5 thoughts on “Monthly Music: october 17

          1. Yess. I love nights which are cold and you’re walking while listening to songs that just are so peaceful and you just never want that feeling to end.

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