The butterfly effect

I recently read a post from Life Of Beth that really got me thinking about the choices I’ve made so far and how even the smallest decisions sometimes have the biggest impact on your life.

If I hadn’t started a (really embarrassing) YouTube channel with my best friend in middle school I wouldn’t have taught myself how to edit videos, meaning I would have never discovered a passion I still have today. We actually also started a blog back then where we would share a behind the scenes look into our videos – that was the first time I came into contact with blogging. With video editing I also developed a growing interest in cinema and film. That interest grew so rapidly that I founded my first blog, Recap Wizard, a blog for me to analyse and review films and series, which is still very much alive today. Had I never started that blog, I would have never developed my writing so quickly. I would have never created Questions From A Teenager. It’s crazy when I think about it because my editing skills and my two blogs are part of why I got into the uni I am now, so that small channel (which is now fortunately deleted) really was a blessing.

The post also really got me thinking about my friendships and how they came to be. If one of my friends wouldn’t have invited myself and another girlfriend of hers to dinner to meet her new boyfriend, I might have never gotten to know this other friend of hers who is now one of my closest friends. If I hadn’t decided to go to the highschool I went to but instead went to an art or fashion school, I would have never gotten to know my best friend. And honestly, we couldn’t have survived these past few years without each other.

I think you get the idea. It’s funny how we make these decisions every day that seem so insignificant and meaningless at the time, but can change the course of our lives drastically. I think that sometimes we lose sight of the big picture and actions like these wake us up and force us to see the power we hold over our own lives – even if we don’t know it at the time.

✎ What is something small that changed your life in a significant way? I’m curious to hear other people’s stories!

10 thoughts on “The butterfly effect

  1. “I think that sometimes we lose sight of the big picture ” this is so true!! I think all that we do will impact our future no matter how small the decision seems. Really good post!
    Ljoy x

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  2. I agree! We might also not know at some point in our lives why we’re experiencing something, but there will always come a time where we’ll realize why it happened. 🙂

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