If I were a colour…

… which one would I be?

Yesterday while I was catching up with a wonderful friend of mine in a small café we randomly talked about auras. For those not familiar with this paranormal concept, the best way to imagine it is a combination of colours and energy around a human body. Depending on which colours are around you, people who follow this new age belief associate them with a person’s character and being.

Anyway, I asked her what colour she thought would describe me the best. After a moments’ thought she stated that I am definitely green. Intrigued by this I decided to conduct a small survey and asked close friends and family the same question. Let me give you an overview of some of the answers I got and the justifications behind their choices.



“A warm earthy shade of green because you’re fun and lively”

“You’re so lively and friendly, like green. And you’re often in nature.”

“Green because it is the first thing I thought of.”



“You’re not a dark colour… green or orange… but I think it’s orange because green is too plain. It’s orange because you have something exciting inside of you and you are not as reserved as green.”



“Blue like the sky. When I think of you sky-blue is the only colour that fits. Blue is cold, calm, relaxing and freeing.”

“Sea-blue. But like a sea-in-Greece blue. Like from your vacation there.”



“Sometimes you’re also red. Very lively and exciting.”



“A very deep purple mixed with shades of blue.”



“Because you like the colour and it just…fits.”



“White is elegant, timeless and neutral. You’re very simple and smart like the colour.”

I think the level of intimacy between myself and the person had a big impact on their answers. What struck me as interesting was that I could also see that my closest friends all chose the same or very similar colours (and explanations as to why they chose that particular colour) as opposed to people who only know certain sides of me. Apart from purple, most stuck to lighter colours.

Speaking of only knowing one side to a person – I would be interested to know how you, the people who follow my blog, would describe me as a colour. I certainly don’t share every aspect of my life on here and it’s impossible to show ALL of myself through a blog. That’s why I think it would be extremely fascinating to hear how I come across on this platform.

What an eye-opening experience this was. It was extremely interesting to see people’s answers because I think it says a lot about how they view you and what kind of picture they have of you in their mind. This experiment gave me the chance to see myself through other people’s eyes, like when looking through a unfamiliar camera lens. Wrapping up this post I would like to encourage you to also ask your friends and family the same question. But arguably the most important question we should be asking is how we view ourselves.

14 thoughts on “If I were a colour…

  1. OMG such originality in this post. This was such an intriguing read, I might also ask my friends what colour they think I’d be. I enjoyed this post so much.
    Ljoy x

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    1. Thank you so much, Lorelie! That really means a lot. Please do also ask your friends, you’ll find it to be quite the eye-opening experience!

      I would be interested to know if you had any inclinations as to which colour I would be from your perspective? Just from following your blog on WordPress and reading your content I would describe you as a light pink/purple (Pastell tones)

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      1. You’re welcome! I asked my almost boyfriend last night and he said I’m the colour green but he didn’t have any reasoning to back it up hahaha. Ohh really? That’s interesting! To me you’re a colour blue because from your poems, you seem like a very emotive, truthful and full of wisdom type of person.

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        1. To me pastell colours have a certain calm to them, a kind of tranquility. I chose them for you also because they are very feminine, sentimental and optimistic colours. I think a lot of people think that they are very ‘weak’ colours but I see a lot of strength in them.You seem like a person who keeps going forward no matter what and I admire that immensely.
          And thanks for your answer!


  2. This was really interesting, and I have to say, your blog is definitely one of my favourites on this site.
    And from what posts I’ve read from your blog, I’d have to say you come across to me as a peaceful mixture between soft yellow, and fresh green. It’s all very peaceful, easy to immerse yourself in, yet intriguing and interesting, which is exactly how your writing feels like, to me.

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