that bodyless sensation

upon me again

a wave of unease

washing over me

drowning me whole in my anguish

at a beach full of poeple

soaking up the sun

shaking their heads in sync

to the echoing sounds of my cries

leaving me to fend off my demons

all on my own

at sundown they notice my spirit

washed up on the shore

push it back out to the infinite sea

waving goodbye

going back to lounge out their days

while the suns of others set before them

never to go up again.

19 thoughts on “subdued

  1. The metaphor runs deep in this poem. 🙂 How people have pushes the spirit back to the sea, alone amidst the demons only to find “while the suns of others set before them / never to go up again.” Loved your words. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    ❤ ❤
    More power to your pen, girl. 🙂

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  2. your use of metaphors is second to none, it’s not often i see people in our age demographic use the english language to such success. when you wrote this yyou spoke to so many peoples hearts including mine, well done

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    1. Comments like this make me so happy because it means that I am actually reaching or evoking some feelings in people. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that other people can relate to what I write about (In a way, I write as a form of “therapy”. Poetry in particular is a great way for me to process and move on from my emotions)


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