It feels like we only go backwards

Regarding life at its current state in its political climate, I find myself to be pretty angry and worried. This worry is something I may not actively dwell on all the time but it’s still there, under the surface.

*Image credit goes to on Instagram who kindly provided me with illustrations to use for this blog.

2017 was one of the best year’s in my life – but regarding the last few years as objectively as I possibly can, I find myself looking back at that year with sadness. For it seemed like the constant fear of “oh no what happened this time?” was upon all of us. That sickening feeling you would get in the morning when checking your text messages only to see people asking you if you had heard what had happened over night. At least it was like that for me. After mass shootings, bombings, wars,… the whole world in chaos – there was always this sensation of “what’s next?” in my anxious mind.

Although I am privileged enough to live somewhere safe (although who knows what the definition of safe even is nowadays) the events of the past years affected me deeply. For the first time in my life I was truly aware of the bubble I had been living in during my childhood, the sheltered environment my parents had brought me up in. And I longed to be that child again. The child that thought Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were real, the little me that concocted whole worlds in my head. I yearned for that time again, where anything was possible, where little things meant the world to me.

As to why I am only addressing this now – I don’t really know. I guess I have been in a very contemplative mood recently. I wrote a post on feeling stuck not too long ago and well, I guess I’m not the only one right now – the whole world seems to be stuck in this horrible, terrifying state. There is so much hatred in people right now, so much rage and anger that we all let it out on each other like wild animals. Maybe some of you will gather this to be naive thinking but I just hope that we all find a way to move forward as a society, to collectively evolve into something we can be proud of. Because right now, it feels like we’re only taking steps backwards as time slowly runs out.

17 thoughts on “It feels like we only go backwards

  1. I struggle to even read the news these days, because I find it so disgusting. Like this morning, I read about a dog trained to fight who had his ears hacked off as punishment for losing. And then you realise the reality that some daily lives are about surviving in a war zone.
    I’ve definitely been sheltered and grew up not realising just how lucky I was to live in a ‘safe country’. But like you said, what’s safe these days? It seems as though crime is on the rise.

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    1. I honestly can relate to your comment so much. It seems like everything you read is just one big ball of negativity. I know that it’s not new that the bad news gets more attention, after all society is addicted to scandals – it’s what gives us something to talk about. But it’s not entirely on the news though, is it? Because if they were only reporting the good stuff, then where would that leave us? NO, it’s on all of us. It’s on the world that these devastating things are happening right now. And even though I hate reading about them, I would rather know than be left in the dark. I’d just wish that things would actually change for once. Because it feels like we are in a downward spiral.

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      1. In hindsight though, it seems that these kind of awful events have been happening forever, but only now am I really reading and understanding.
        And I also think that there is only so much news that can go out each day, so what else is happening that they are not reporting?

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  2. Honestly, terrible things happen all the time. They have been happening ever since time began. And they’ll continue to happen. Media just let’s you know about these things. People have suffered in the past and they will continue to suffer today. From a starving kid in Africa to debt-ridden, sheltered College student in the US.

    But the the real point is that it shouldn’t bog you down. You probably have your problems to deal with.
    If you can, try to help people.

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    1. I know, I know, I guess I’ve just recently realised how much shit actually happens every day and how lucky I am to have been sheltered from all of that while growing up. In a way I kind of feel guilty for being so well off.

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  3. sadly that’s just how we are as a species. humanity is by nature, destructive, manipulaitive and unforgiving. the fact that you can see this suggests to me that you have a much deeper understanding of the world than most people have which is very rare these days and that is a credit to you

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    1. I think that’s one of the nicest compliments I have ever received. I think as a teenager (even though I am technically now an adult) a lot of people don’t take me and my perspective very seriously because “what the hell does she know, she doesn’t have any REAL experience yet”. That’s why I like discussing my thoughts on my platform because it gives me the feeling that my voice can be heard. Glad to read I’m not the only one who thinks this way 🙂


  4. I feel this to an almost painful degree . . . honestly, the thing that I hate the most about the world is that history repeats itself and it repeats itself so clearly, but we’re so powerless to stop it. Humans haven’t evolved and we’re forever trapped in the same issues and restrictions. Horrible and scary xx

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    1. Omg YES! I feel like our things constantly evolve but does humanity actually evolve with them? Do we evolve enough to actually break out of this cycle? Sometimes I just think all of this is just one huge test and all we do is fail. Thanks for reading xx


  5. that is a good point, we will eventually evolve to the point where we can identify what we as a species are doing wrong but that won’t happen for a long time yet. the process is being sped up by the fact humanity is in a state of conscious awakening

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