A casual conversation with Amabilia Lifestyle

Well hello there friends of the Internet,

long time, no chat! Today’s post is something a little different – a collaboration with the wonderful Shelly from Amabilia Lifestyle!

Working with different creatives is definitely one of the highlights when it comes to blogging, yet it can prove to be very difficult seeing as you don’t technically know each other and (as in this case) live in different timezones. That’s why I think this whole post we worked on together is one of my favourite collabs I have done so far – it’s a laid back conversation of two people getting to know each other more!

We talked for hours in our Instagram DM’s, I definitely hit the collab-partner jackpot with this one! We divided our conversation into two blog posts – you can start reading on my blog and then head over to Amabilia Lifestyle to finish reading our conversation. (Link will be included down below again)

A big thank you goes out to Shelly who reached out to me! You’re the sun to my moon. (yes we already have cheesy inside jokes lol) I had a blast getting to know her and I think you will too as she’s such an amazing person and we share so many interests – big chances are that you will too. Also, she’s a fellow Ravenclaw, just like me; uummm hello, do I hear fate knocking on the door?

Okay, I think you’ve probably had enough of this rambling of an intro, on to the chat we proceed!

Saturday, April 7th  




What did you eat today? Because we are absolute foodies… Also, memes??


Umm I ate eggs and sausage

What about you? I’m guessing you just had dinner


I had hummus on toast for breakfast,

a burrito bowl for lunch and some pasta for dinner😇

Foodies unite!


Mmmm that ALL sounds amazing. I’m a sucker for

some good hummus👌🏼

Especially roasted red bell pepper hummus


Oh my God yes

Have you ever seen hummus memes? They’re the best


No😂 I didn’t even know hummus memes were a thing

Sometimes I think, who sits down to actually write

memes? Like wow some people are either amazing

or extremely bored


WHAT okay as soon as you have time you have to look at

some, there are whole facebook/Instagram pages

dedicated to hummus, it’s hilarious 

True. But I must confess that apart from hummus memes

I do look at classical art memes from time to time


I’m already laughing ‘cause I mean c’mon…

Hummus memes?? Too funny

ME TOO, though I gravitate towards classical

music so memes out of it are👌🏼


Do you play an instrument? Additionally, let’s talk films…


I play the piano, so that’s kind of how I got into

classical music.


That’s so cool!!

I used to play the flute and am teaching myself

piano. How long have you played the piano?

It’s such a beautiful instrument


For about 11 years. I took lessons for 9 and now mostly just

teach myself to play a certain song.

Yes it is!

I find it to be a very elegant instrument. I was always kind

of scared of any instrument that required lung “power”,

but they all have such a beautiful sound.


“Lung power” indeed!

For wind instruments we have to exercise our

lungs in order to get the best (and longest) sound,

which can be a bit of a pain.

And wow you’ve been playing for a loooong time

Have you learned any new songs this week?


I’m currently trying to teach myself all the Yann Tiersen

songs from the Amélie film (don’t know if you know it) –

what about you?

And damn, the only thing I need to exercise in order to

play are my fingers.


That movie is on my list of “movies to watch

before I get older” which might sound weird to

have but I make lists for a lot of things. I’ve

heard it’s a really good movie (plus she’s French!!)

I’m currently focusing on “Victor’s Solo” from the

movie “The Corpse Bride”


I find it super cool how sometimes we forget a

song but our fingers automatically remember it

and its like… your mind could be elsewhere but

suddenly your fingers played the whole song and

when you think about playing you can’t remember

every single note and I dunno that happens to me a lot😂


Oh my God, I have one of those lists too (so no, not

weird at all) I LOVE Corpse Bride!

There’s actually a piano piece from that movie that is

meant to be played with 4 hands (so with a partner)

and a friend of mine and I have been wanting to play

it forever! And I can relate to the forgetting a song in

your mind but your subconscious remembering how

to play it – such a weird sensation!


I know which one you’re talking about!

Her and Victor both play it, it’s a spur of the

moment thing but I love it too

Phew 🙌🏼 Glad to know I’m not the only one


Are you artistic? Do you enjoy reading?


I know you like music now and that counts as art

Do you like drawing or painting or writing or

reading or dancing or ALL OF THE ABOVE LIKE ME

Don’t mind my excitement


OMG YES. I love art as in painting and drawing. I

wouldn’t necessarily call my own art particularly

good but I actually know a lot of art history and

love visiting museums or exhibitions.


Photography/Videography is another huge side to

art that I really enjoy and I’m so glad to actually have

a class at university where we learn more about it.

Writing and Reading I obviously enjoy

(I have a blog, duh).


Reading especially is a very special thing to me,

something that my parents encouraged me to do

early on. I’m really proud in the fact that I am a

MASSIVE book nerd. As soon as I could write I

would always write stories with my friends and

that continued on until now – I write short stories

and try to write books (if only I could ever finish one😂)


What about you? What kind of art forms do you dabble

in? And on the subject of reading – what’s a book that

you read recently that really stood out to you?


Art History and museums are amazing aren’t

they?? AND I UNDERSTAND I love to paint but

only because of actually doing it, not because

I’m good at it (I’m not, by the way).

Oooooooh videography sounds so cool! What

do you do in that class? Yes duh writing is no

doubt enjoyable by us bloggers😂


That’s so funny! I used to write stories by myself

and with my best friend when we were kids too.

That’s what inspires me to write my books today.

I never finish any of my books either, though it’s

not healthy in the slightest but oh well

Hmmm, the last two books I read that stood out to

me the most have to be “Mary’s Monster” and

“Ghost Boy”. They are absolutely phenomenal and

are both biographies/memoirs.


Going to art museums is kind of like this cool ritual I

do to spend time with myself, since nobody in my

friend group was really into art.


In my videography class I basically learn to film, edit

and do special effects. Right now I’m working on an

imagefilm as my final project, which has been really

fun to make so far.


Those books sound amazing. I’m definitely adding

them to my Goodreads list!

For me it is probably Raymond Carver’s collection

of short stories called “What we talk about when we

talk about love”. It’s such a deep look into different

relationships between people and how dynamics

within them can change. I definitely recommend!






Click here to read more of the conversation over at Amabilia Lifestyle!

8 thoughts on “A casual conversation with Amabilia Lifestyle

  1. I had so much fun doing this, there aren’t even words to describe how amazing you are. You’re such a creative, kind, intelligent, beautiful person and I’m insanely glad I got to meet you (though I’ve never even seen you face to face)! I thought it would be difficult falling into conversation with you but you’re just such an easy person to talk to 🙂

    Hopefully we get to do this again sometime…

    P.S. Fellow Ravenclaws unite!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaaaawwww Shelly you’re making me blush really hard (is that even a thing? To blush “hard”, I mean) which is not good because I just worked out and my face is already bright red😂 I can only return the compliments, truly, you’re such a sweet and kind person with so many interesting thoughts just floating around in that head of yours! Same, I was a bit anxious at first but it was like I’d known you forever. 🙂


  2. I’ve always wondered as well – who has the time to just casually sit and put together memes?! But I do love hummus and I’m actually wanting to go eat some after this post. I love visiting museums and exhibitions as well. I could easily get lost in one for hours.
    What a great chat between you and it’s lovely to come across a blogger and have that connection and be able to relate on various levels. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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