Monthly Music: june 18

Greetings my fellow earthlings (why do I always have to sound so “alien”?),

how has your month been?

I’m so glad June is over. 1) because it means that I made it through exam season and am officially on summer break and 2) because I get to post a music-related post, which is definitely one of my favourite types of posts. June was a strange month for me and I wasn’t feeling it for quite some time. The first half of the year I had been so motivated and inspired, whereas the last two months slowed me down a bit. June was definitely a month where I took as much time as needed to reflect upon myself and my life.

Regarding music, I have been all over the place. Suiting my reflecive mood, a lot of the tracks I listened to have a very nostalgic tone to them. Others evoke different feelings altogether, making for a very diverse mix in sound and emotion. Here are a few of my most listened to songs:

(By clicking on the song titles in blue you will be redirected to the YouTube video of the given song. All songs are available on Spotify, my whole playlist will be embedded at the end of this post.)


Lazy and Stupid – Ibra

Joan Ellen – Ivory Waves

White Jeans – SALES

Parachute – Thee Lakesiders

Falling – My Friend Alan

Sometimes – Goth Babe

Fun, Fun, Fun – The Beach Boys

Fire of Love – Jesse Jo Stark

Purity – A$AP Rocky ft. Frank Ocean

Light and Love – The Lemon Twigs

Sweatin’ Somethin’ Awful – Okey Dokey

Shuggie – Foxygen

Tiresome – Felivand

Million Miles Away – Washed Out

Violent Crimes – Kanye West

Ghost Town – Kanye West

Intoxicated Dreams – Leroy Francis


>> What are some of your favourite songs of June? I’m always on the lookout for new msuic, so any recommendations you may have are very welcome. <<


Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys

Could this song be anymore feel-good and upbeat? It was exactly what I needed to boost my mood on days I felt a little down. I love The Beach Boys so much, I think I would have been one of those heart-eyed fans back then.


Purity by A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean

These are easily two of my favourite artists so this song was cause for celebration. Frank Ocean’s sound/voice is stunningly unique and unlike anything I have ever heard. (AND LAURYN HILL IS IN THIS SONG TOO!) I thought the whole album of this song was beautifully made (despite the negative criticism it has received) and showed listeners a more tone-down and reflective side to Rocky. It definitely wasn’t his best work out there, but I feel like Rocky manages to portray his own evolution, both personally and musically which only few rappers manage to achieve nowadays.


Sweatin’ Somethin’ Awful by Okey Dokey

This might sound strange but this is the perfect song to hang up laundry to. It actually made me want to hang up another load just so that I could listen to it on repeat once more 😂 This song just makes me happyyy.


Million Miles Away by Washed Out

Let me start off by saying that this music video is breathtaking! It fits to the whole vibe of the song and really gets you into a dream-like state of mind. The perfect song for driving through long tunnels. That’s all I can really say about this one. I am definitely looking out for more Washed Out songs in the future!


Intoxicated Dreams by Leroy Francis

I am in love with the melancholic mood this song puts me in. It’s the right blend between two genres, indie and dream pop. I like to think of this song as the soundtrack of my life right now. Forever lost in hopes and dreams, always striving to reach more, to move forward, yet oftentimes feeling stuck in an eternal state of the past.


ye – Kanye West

Violent Crimes is easily my favourite track of the whole album. It’s such a beautiful song about being a parent and being protective of your family, specifically of your daughter(s), wanting them to grow up to be strong in a society that views them as objects, something to be conquered.

Ghost Town is another brilliant song brought to us in this album, a very touching one at that. I think Kid Cudi absolutely KILLED the chorus and every time I listen to this song I find myself screaming his part at the top of my lungs. 070 Shake ends the song breathtakingly and leaves a sad melancholy behind. It takes a lot for me to actually cry because of a song, but this one did it for me. What a masterpiece.

Despite all of the scandal connected to Kanye at the moment, I couldn’t help but include his album in this playlist (I know some have refrained from doing so because of his controversial opinions and politics). Love him or hate him, I think it’s undeniable that his music has impacted the music industry hugely since he first started out. I love the growth depicted in every single album and how specifically he chooses the people he features on his tracks.

ye was an absolute art of an album in my opinion and deserves every bit of recognition it has been getting. Kanye, the king of samples and creativity has definitely proven time and again that he is pushing the limits of music. I might not agree with the statements he made recently, yet I cannot and will not deny that this album is one of the best to come out this year, even in the last few.


15 thoughts on “Monthly Music: june 18

  1. Okay how do you even discover so many different songs from so many different genres?

    Like I legit discover 5 songs in two months by myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂
      Most songs discover via Spotify („Discover Weekly“ and „Release Radar“ both operate via an algorithm that analyses the songs you have listened to in the past and suggests similar songs or songs from the genres you typically listen to. Release Radar actually lists new songs from artists you have previously listened to so that you are always up-to-date on their latest albums/singles) and YouTube (there are some great music discovery channels out there, some even post daily).

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  2. Woooooo, glad exam season is over for you! The Beach Boys are such a pick me up and I really believe they’ll never go out of style, their songs are so lovely! This was a great playlist .xx

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  3. Congrats on the end of exams girl! I’ve been loving the A$AP and Kanye drops too, though only a couple from kanye’s album to be honest, i definitely need to give some of these songs a listen! xx

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  4. I love dream pop and alternative music so much, and Intoxicated Dreams is honestly so beautiful and perfect for when you’re travelling, above the clouds, or gently going along the curves of hills when it’s cold and raining, and you randomly start to hold a race among the drops of water on your car window.

    ….that got specific……

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    1. Specific but ACCURATE. When I read your comment for the first time just now I was like ‘okay lemme see if this is true for me too’ and I listened to the song and read your comment again and I was like YES THIS IS IT THIS IS EVERYTHING OH MY LORD

      Liked by 1 person

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