can the truth set you free?

I was never one to be the loudest
shy and timid as I was
I spoke my truths quietly , lest
they burdened those close to me.
That was before I grasped that neither worries,
nor their gravity
are defined by the volume with which they are spoken out loud,
for silent truths can
you down,
more than those others are so eager to
get off their chests.

22 thoughts on “can the truth set you free?

    1. ❤️❤️
      Seriously, thank you. That means a great deal coming from you, I mean your poetry is some of the best here on WordPress and I relate to it so much in a sense that when I read it, it’s almost like I know what you’re describing intimately. And I’m the same, I don’t want to bring anyone down with my problems / worries so I just try to cope by myself. xx

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    2. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m prying but I want to tell you that the feeling that comes with bottling up could be very calm and perfect but it’s not.
      I’ve been there dear friend…. It got to a point I begin to feel like I was going to burst cos of too much bottled up feelings. But thank God for people who really care…. You might not know but there is someone around you who really cares… You just need to find that person.
      Or better still, find that place in your heart where there’s inner peace,it’s there but you have to find it.
      In the midst of your mind’s turmoil,rest in the solace of that part of your mind.

      We are TeenBeaty.

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      1. thank you so much for your caring comment! truthfully, i have been immensely blessed in my life with a community of people that i know will take the time to listen and comfort me–holding things in is my own unfortunate tendency, and is something i am working on! 🙂 xx

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