a soundtrack to autumn 18

Hello hello, 

it’s your girl coming to you with not one monthly playlists but TWO! That means double the music, double the love and double of my excitement.

I must admit that although I’ve been having such a fun time studying abroad, October and November hit me hard with deadlines. And with ‘hit me hard’ I mean knocked me right off my feet and left me scrambling to get all of my work done in time.

One thing that definitely helped when it came to boosting my motivation and making me more productive was music. Those who have been following my Monthly Music posts for a while probably know that my taste is all over the place – different artists, opposite genres and songs people wouldn’t think I listen to. This music post will be no exception 🥰

What songs have you been listening to as of late? Do you have any good artist recommendations?

Let me know dear friends, I’m in desperate need of some good songs for the last month of 2018.


What a gem of a song. If I had to choose one song out of all of these, it would be this one. Slow Dancing in the Dark just never gets old.


Yeah, that’s right – another Joji song. Guys, I’m telling you – if you haven’t heard of these two songs before – GO LISTEN TO THEM! Yeah Right evokes sadness in its listeners, especially with the music video accompanying it.


My love for Drake is out of control. Seriously. “Nonstop” has motivated me through countless assignments and dishes to wash. 


I first found this song through watching The O.C. and instantly fell in love with it. It makes me feel sad and happy all at once, it’s a full rollercoaster ride from start to finish.


What a legend of an artist. I recently started getting into Nas again and my oh my have I missed him. 


Conan did it again! It has been such a treat to watch him grow from a smalltown YouTuber to a full-on music artist who is actually amazingly talented. His style reminds me a little of Lana Del Rey mixed with Lorde – two artists I adore!


This is a truly undiscovered song and artist – the song only has around 2000 views on YouTube. Blue gets me in such a beautiful, dreamy mood. 

If you want to hear more what I have been listening to, definitely give my playlists on Spotify a visit!

12 thoughts on “a soundtrack to autumn 18

    1. First of all, thank you for stopping by and leaving this wonderful comment! I relate to what you wrote a lot. Music helps in so many different situations in life, it’s crazy to imagine a world in which music doesn’t exist. “Pink Moon” is a beautiful song, thank you for introducing me to it!

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  1. YES FIONA! I’ve screenshot-ed both of those graphics for later and I definitely did a little cheer when I saw you linked the live Lookalive video, I’ve watched it so many times now I love it so much! x

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    1. It’s crazy to have been able to see his growth on YouTube these past few years. I mean look how much he as achieved! And I agree, his creativity knows no limits. Definitely check the others out, especially Joji, he is SO GOOD.

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  2. I have quite a few concerts upcoming so have been listening to lots of Hayley Kiyoko, Sarah Close and Dan & Shay recently. Also Ariana Grande’s new song, Thank You Next has been on repeat. Have you seen the music video yet? xx

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      1. I am seeing Dan and Shay in January, Hayley Kiyoko and Sarah Close in February. I loved the music video although I can see why it might not be your taste in music. xx

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