cerulean – mood board (4)

This mood board was brought to you in collaboration with the wonderful Kiki from soyvirgo.

Click here to visit Kiki’s mood board.

Art is something I draw a lot of strength and joy from, so when both Kiki and I gravitated towards more of a more visual, creative collaboration I was thrilled.

Blue is a colour very dear to me. I have been fascinated by the colour since childhood, specifically lighter shades of blue. To me, blue is far more than “just another colour”: it symbolises a calm, safe environment in the midst of chaos.

As can be seen here, all four of my bedroom walls are painted blue to achieve just that – a place of utter tranquility, a creative space for me to let my thoughts run wild.

☼ ☼ What is blue to you? ☼ ☼

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18 thoughts on “cerulean – mood board (4)

  1. So pretty I love that color too but I just called it “baby blue”
    now i know what cerulean is lol
    this color just reminds me of the sky and cute things i love it!
    Thanks for sharing and hope to collab in the future again 🙂

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  2. The blue in your room is a perfect shade. I love what the colour symbolises. Because although I’d say black and nude/cream/white etc are my favourite, it’s nice that blue relates to calm and nature – sky and sea. The shade makes me reflect and analyse. x

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    1. Thank you Laura! Me too. Blue is definitely a colour that makes me reflect a lot as well. And it’s interesting because clothing-wise I’m pretty neutral-toned, but when it comes to my room for example I went with the complete opposite. x

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  3. I love blue so much. It is a color I use a lot when I paint and draw. Blue is life to me. Because 70% of our Earth is made up of water just like us.

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    1. YES to this comment! First of all, you paint! (me too) Secondly, a lot of people I know always say they feel like the colour green represents life to them, but I have always found that blue fits that description more. Thanks for sharing!

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