Form without matter

someone once told me

that I should

use less words

in my writing

but what is a garden without its plants

a book without its pages

a body without its skeleton?

impression upon impression

each one holds a different weight

yet I have always found that the heavier

the point

the more lightweight my words

for it is the things that stay with us

for no apparent reason

that take the most explaining

16 thoughts on “Form without matter

  1. “for it is the things that stay with us

    for no apparent reason

    that take the most explaining”

    These lines are so overwhelming. Something inside me felt like it fit into this poem. Such heavy emotion conveyed in such light words. I love how you’ve shown what you’re talking about through this little piece. I loved it so much, I’m saving this (first time I’ve ever saved any piece of writing).

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    1. I’m glad this was able to speak to you. I struggled a long time with trying to express what I was trying to convey and it took so long for something so simple… Ah. The irony.

      And MY OH MY I feel like when I was 4 and won a trophy for tap dancing! Me? This? SAVED?


  2. Also, form without matter is such an Aristotelian concept, something that he talks about so non-poetically, and then there’s this poem with such a fitting yet unique take, the philosophy major in me is shaking.

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    1. Oh my god, THANK YOU for understanding the basis of this poem! You always get what I am trying to say *jumps up and down really enthusiastically*. And of course, my awkward self thanks you for your amazing compliment – coming from you it means a lot.


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