We crave the light everyone around us seems to carry

We think why am I so different?

Why why why…

We drown in self pity

We are in a constant state of comparison

We see sudden value in all things we do not have

Never do we think that we are maybe the ones to blame

for this missing light

snuffing it out every time we sigh in frustration

Our self indulgence a wave that not even the strongest flame can survive

It is a funny relationship

between humans and self sabotage

one where we feel as if the world only takes

when in reality we are the ones who deny our own happiness

2 thoughts on “Smothered

  1. THIS. is just what i needed today. you used my soul-speaking words, like “self-sabotage” and “comparison” and put out the truth that we all need to hear but are afraid to face. so provocative and beautifully worded! xx

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