STICK THIS onto your playlist: may 20

Have I ever been more in love with a monthly playlist of mine? Doubtful.

Prepare yourselves; Get yourself a snack, a refreshing drink, some good headphones and make yourselves comfortable. Oh, and make sure you go to the toilet before immersing yourself fully (we wouldn’t want to get interrupted by your bursting bladder).

☀︎ What have you been listening to recently? Are there any artists you recently (re)discovered for yourself? ☀︎


Friday On My Mind – The Easybeats

Bohemian Trapsody – Logic

Can I Kick It – Logic, Juto

Now Awake – Jelly Crystal

Cuttin’ Out – Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

New Kind Of Kick – The Cramps

Rock & Roll – The Velvet Underground

I Can’t Explain – The Who

Have Love Will Travel – The Sonics

Laisse tomber les filles – France Gall

Communication Breakdown (2014 Remastered) – Led Zeppelin

Over Under Sideways Down – The Yardbirds

See Emily Play – Pink Floyd

Making Time – The Creation

Can’t Seem To Make You Mine – The Seeds

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) – The Electric Prunes

I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time – The Third Bardo

Somewhere Tonight – Beach House



Bemyself – Parcels

Breakfast In America – Supertramp

Goodbye Stranger – Supertramp

Follow God – Kanye West

Dionysus – The Buttertones

Afraid of the Dark – The Frights

Bluebird Is Dead – Electric Light Orchestra

Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

Don’t Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra

Sweet Talkin’ Woman – Electric Light Orchestra

Friday On My Mind by The Easybeats

And my love for 60’s music continues. Will it ever cease? I doubt it. WHAT A CLASSIC. Friday On My Mind is an absolute banger of a song, it makes me dance in my kitchen on an early Monday morning regardless of how tired I still am. It just grabs you right from the beginning and doesn’t let you go until the end.

Bohemian Trapsody by Logic

I have never been a huge Logic fan but his 2019 album, Supermarket… it does things to me. Bohemian Trapsody is one of those songs that I have completely fallen in love with.

Here on STICKY SITUATION, I have always talked about how much I appreciate it when artists grow. I think in the music industry, a lot of artists only stick to one genre because that is what they are known for. Not only do I respect artists who are not afraid to try new things, I actually like it when they do. Because they push their existing audience to stay open-minded when it comes to music. I am A FAN of Indie Rock Logic, I can’t wait to see what he creates next. He has definitely outgrown the ” just a rapper” label and has grown into an established artist.

🎶 And when I fall for you

That’s when I break down my wall for you

Promise that I risk it all for you

Promise to reveal my all for you

Over Under Sideways Down by The Yardbirds

Another timeless track from the 60’s. The Yardbirds are so underrated – I cannot stress this enough. They had such a unique and progressive sound. In Over, Under, Sideways, Down we hear a mix of Rock and Roll and Blues with an Eastern-sounding guitar (played by legend Jeff Beck). After the band’s split in 1968, guitarist Jimmy Page then went on to form Led Zeppelin (!!!). The Yardbirds had a MASSIVE impact on the British rock scene and made it what it is today.

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) by The Electric Prunes

I know what you’re thinking; Fiona, another 60’s song? Yes, yes and YES. I Had Too Much To Dream is one of the best psychedelic songs I have ever heard. It’s SO TRIPPY. The story behind the whacky guitar sound in the song’s intro is actually genius. It’s a guitar recording played backwards. One of the band members got the idea after listening to I’m Only Sleeping by The Beatles (which is on one of my favourite albums EVER). I read a comment under the Youtube video which read “psychedelic perfection” and honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

Somewhere Tonight by Beach House

Man, I love reading the comment sections under the songs I love. The first comment I read was this one and I thought I just had to include it because… well, I’ll let you see for yourself:

“My wife and I slow danced to this at our wedding. No one else knew the song, but we expected this going in… it was meant to be ours, and ours only.”

I love Beach House. I mean, I really, really love them. I have for years now. And to be honest, without trying to be weird or anything, I could totally see this song being my wedding song. Yes, I am 21, single and nowhere near getting engaged – let alone married -anytime soon. But… just listen to this song. Who wouldn’t want to slow-dance to it with the person they love?


Is this the ultimate sad boi song?

I think so (this and any Joji song because let’s be honest here, Joji’s music is the embodiment of sad boi).

This is a BROCKHAMPTON song from 2017, one I was extremely in love with when it first came out; And still am now! Ah, I love revisiting songs I used to love and feeling like I am rediscovering them all over again. FACE is beautiful, fragile and human. Just listen for yourself:


Can you tell that I have been a total BROCKHAMPTON fan recently? I go through phases with them, sometimes I “binge” their music, other times I almost forget about it. But every time I rediscover them for myself, I kick myself for not listening to them more. They are so creative and expressive with everything they do, their music is original, wacky and gloriously weird.

Also, anyone feel extremely freaked out by how close Matt Champion got to the camera? I was flinching when he was rubbing his face onto it like HELL NO this is my personal space.

Breakfast In America by Supertramp

I have one person to thank for my recent discovery and love for Supertramp: my dad. We were playing Scrabble one evening and my dad was playing some of his music in the background. Breakfast In America came on and we all kind of just lost it because it is

Follow God by Kanye West

My relationship to Kanye West’s music is… complicated. There is no denying that he has had a tremendous impact on the music industry as a whole. What I admire so much about him is the fact that he, as an artist, has had such a diverse career. He went from your typical big name in rap music to defining a whole new style of music. To be a name in the industry for so long and to constantly be developing your style, pushing the boundaries of music,… I think that’s a wonderful thing. This is what music should be – a reflection of one’s self, of one’s experiences, of one’s thoughts. Kanye has said and done some very questionable things in the past, yet what I appreciate about his music is that he is always true to himself.

And now he has a Gospel choir and is making modern Christian-themed music. I am not religious myself but you know what – Follow God slaps. It is a mirror of his own beliefs and gives us a glimpse into his recent reconnection with his dad. And you know what, it makes me happy to watch the music video and to see him smile. It makes me happy to see people’s happiness, their coming into their own, regardless of if my belief system matches up to theirs.

Bluebird Is Dead by Electric Light Orchestra

And now to 70’s music. I have been loving listening to Electric Light Orchestra this month. There isn’t a single song of theirs I don’t love. John Lennon actually called ELO the “sons of Beatles”, which I think is very fitting. If you love the Beatles, you will love ELO.

Bluebird Is Dead is Probably my favorite song from their album ‘On The Third Day’ (which you should listen to!), it’s just so, so beautiful. Listening to this song almost always makes me cry…

Little Darlin’ of my life

You keep movin’ cross my mind

You gave me a sunny day

Now it looks as if I’ll pay

Why do they say — Bluebird is dead?

I can still see her, touch her, my Bluebird

The love that she gave, I don’t believe, No, No, I don’t believe

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

Mr. Blue Sky exudes happiness, it makes me dance around my bedroom at all hours of the day (and night) and above all, it is a song that holds incredible power: the power to cheer us up, even in the saddest of moments.


Hi friends of the Internet, I hope you’re all doing well. I wanted to apologize for being so absent recently, I’ve just been knee-deep (more like full body deep) in writing my Bachelor’s thesis and preparing for my final exam (which is in about 3 weeks, so fingers crossed!). After that I hope to catch up with all of you and some of my fellow blogger’s blogs as well – I have probably missed a LOT.


7 thoughts on “STICK THIS onto your playlist: may 20

  1. Fiona, the only word that comes to mind when I think of this playlist is “immaculate”.
    Holy hell, I’m loving all the 60s and 70s music, and this playlist feels like the soundtrack of an indie film about an oddball group of rebellious teenagers running away from home to find themselves in the music.
    Also, love BROCKHAMPTON, can’t get enough of them! Ahh, this was so good!
    All the best for your thesis and your exams!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “the soundtrack of an indie film about an oddball group of rebellious teenagers running away from home to find themselves in the music” – I LOVE THIS DESCRIPTION SO MUCH!

      Thank you, Arshia, so happy to hear that you enjoyed this playlist. 60s and 70s music has a certain magic to it – I think that’s why so many Indie artists today are trying to recreate that wonderful sound. And a big fat YES to BROCKHAMPTON! Such a great group of artists.


  2. Fiona, fiona,fiona… WHAT A DAMN PLAYLIST. I love 60s – 70s music so much. I lived with my grandma back home so it was always drifting through our house – it feels homely. Good luck with the thesis and exams my lovely, we know you’re gonna kill it xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. How amazing it must have been to grow up surrounded by such INCREDIBLE music! When I was younger, I would have never thought that I would one day go to my grandparents (out of all people) for music recommendations – but now I can’t imagine a life without knowing all of these amazing 60s & 70s artists! xx


  3. I love 60’s music. I was listening to Aretha Franklin’s Say a Little Prayer when I stumbled upon all these 60’s suggestions, and now listen to so much from that decade. My current favourite is The Kinks You Really Got Me. I’ll be listening to your playlist recommendations.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah, The Kinks – a classic! You Really Got Me is SUCH a catchy song, seconds after I read your comment I was already humming it to myself. Hope you find/found something you like” x


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