2021 reflections: thoughts, feelings and mantras for the new year

With each passing year comes an opportunity to reflect upon what we have experienced and learnt. I for one take this time very seriously – it’s almost like a tingling feeling that creeps in as soon as a year is nearly at its end: The urge to not only reflect but to hold onto valuable life lessons and mantras for the new year.

2021 was…

…full of new experiences. It truly marked a year of new territory, a year of being pushed into unknown waters, of stepping outside of ones comfort zone and even feeling uncomfortable at times.

2021 was…

…a year in which I battled heavy self-doubt in regard to my capabilities and accomplishments. There were times where I struggled to believe in myself, times where new challenges intimidated me greatly.

2021 was…

…full of continuous growth and learning experiences. The year ultimately truly pushed me to step into new experiences in a much more calm, collected and balanced manner. I learnt that though I need time adjusting to change, I can implement strong routines and practice an open, positive mindset in order to create a sense of control.

2021 was…

…a year of big dreams and setting goals. A time period in which I gained a certain clarity over what I strive for presently and what I envision for my future. I reflected upon my values a lot – questioned them, expanded them and added to them.

2021 was…

…full of love. Though I had a lot of pain to work through, especially in the beginning half of the year, 2021 was a year of love. Love for others, shared with others and also love for myself. Never have I lived through a year made up of so much raw, emotional intimacy and honesty between my loved ones and myself.

I also made significant progress in honoring my needs: I started to enforce healthy habits for myself and implement them into my regular routine. AND: I communicated those needs honestly and openly with others, without apologizing for them. This helped me set healthier boundaries and expectations along the way.

The 2021 lessons I want to hold onto

>>>What are some of your lessons learned and which mantras are you holding onto this year?<<<

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