A post from @urbansocietyy on Instagram got me thinking – what is art to me? It’s such a universal thing and means so many different things to so many people it’s hard to find one definition that applies to us all.  Here’s my answer. What’s yours?


Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-29 um 20.55.39


As I’ve been active on Instagram a ton recently and like to share my thoughts and writing on there too, I thought it would be fun to make a thing out of this – posting screenshots of my instagram comments regarding different topics – like the true “artist” I am *lol*. Something about it just seems so unlasting, a fleeting impression or idea, like a tiny speck on a huge canvas. I don’t want to overlook those tiny paint splatters.

Also, check out my new Instagram page, I’ve been really getting into posting poetry, film quotes and 90’s related things. It’s like a visual representation of  M E .


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