You may not believe it


I struggled

at first

but I know a women

of incomparable nature.

Her voice mellow

her touch tender

her gaze gentle

her lips luscious

her nails almond-shaped,

painted in the most classic shade of coral

her mane fluttering in the wind

like a fucking hair commercial

the breeze carrying the light scent

of her perfume

though the lands.

As sweet as a peach

the wave of seduction

gushes over all men

and women

looking for a cure

for their miserable


using her like peach scented artemesia

grinding her up like medicine

drinking her up in one brutal


until an empty cup


and the woman

whose nature once tasted


now cries out in solitary



No Love For Fatties had this brilliant idea to start a round of paint chip poetry and I instantly fell in love with the idea. She posted pictures of two paint chips and challenged all of us poets to compose a poem including the names of the different colour shades. To read about the whole concept, click here.

I decided to stick to the second paint chip which includes more feminine sounding pastells:

Classic coral, sweet as a peach and peach artemesia*

*artemesia is an aromatic or bitter-tasting plant (like wormwood)

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