The Person Behind: clumsyandsilly

From writing inspiration to writers block, clumsyandsilly gives me a sneak peek into a world filled with an arrangement of witty, yet in-depth thoughts.

Fiona: How old are you?

clumsyandsilly: Now I know you were kind enough to understand that I wish to stay anonymous, but since you were so understanding I thought I would answer this question in regards to why I prefer my anonymity.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’m always the listener and I don’t like to be the one that’s talking. I don’t like, or more correctly I don’t feel comfortable with expressing my thoughts or feelings if I’m known. That’s why I don’t have a name or an age to share. The age part is more due to the fact that I don’t want my writing to be associated with a particular age or expectation.

I want people to like or dislike my work for what it is. I want my writings to speak for themselves. I don’t want an identity to be the driving force of this blog but rather just the words scattered all over the page telling a story and sharing ideas and feelings. That’s what I want people to grow attached to and love.

F: What is the last thing you ate?

c: A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Mmmm.. it was so tasty, I hadn’t had it in so long. And of course some salt and vinegar chips. Haha wow I’m so unhealthy, oh wells. ☺

F: What promted you to start a blog?

c: Mm, for those who have been there from the start know that boredom was brought me to this wonderful world of blogging. As I answer this question it kinda reminds me of Alice in wonderland, however instead of chasing a rabbit I followed the advice of a dear friend of mine, GOOGLE! And here I am living in a world of endless possibilities filled with such amazing discoveries (all of you and your amazing work) 😊

F: How would you describe your blog to an outsider?

c: This one is hard. I don’t ever have to do this, however it would be something like “My blog is like a diary in which I can unleash my thoughts and feelings at any given moment, yet instead of writing it in a secret book that has a lock and key, this online platform gives me a sense of being listened to.”

F: What advantages and disadvantages have you experienced in the online world?

c: Advantages

  • I have a place to unleash my thoughts because my brain can get really cramped sometimes
  • I have met some amazing people and read some wonderful work
  • Getting exposed to such different ideas, styles and thoughts has really inspired me and greatened my interest in writing.


  • I can’t think of any except maybe the fact that it can get me really distracted and I  forget to do things and most often end up missing on some much needed sleep.

F: I absolutely adore your poems, tell me – what inspires you to write? Are your poems based on real-life events?

c: I must start off firstly by saying it completely shocks and enlightens me to have people call my posts poems. I write everything as it comes to my mind. So the way it’s structured is purely on the basis of my train of thoughts and when I paused and how long I took to form my thoughts into sentences. But I’m completely honoured and it makes me so happy to hear that you consider them worthy of being classified as poems and more importantly that you are enjoying what I write.

Are my ‘poems’ based on real-life events? Yes they are, most of the time. I have tried to write before from imagination but I struggled immensely. I need something to strike a chord within me in order to get something written. You can tell most of the time I use emotions and for that sometimes my posts are completely confusing but that’s because that’s what I would be feeling at the particular moment, confused.

It’s okay though because each person has their own blog which they can put their own spices and tastes to in order to make it as perfectly unique as they want it to be.

F: You describe yourself as “weird” – tell me one quirky thing about yourself!

c: Haha, to be honest I never thought I was weird at first. But everyone I met after getting to know me well has had to 100% say something along the lines of “Omg, you’re so weird”. But I’m glad they would chuckle and smile. No one ever ran off, that’s a good sign right? 🙊

Anyways so after intense conversations and arguments addressing my weirdness, I’ve realised that one ‘weird’ thing I do is I will make a random sound, whatever it might be, whenever there is silence. I didn’t notice it, until everyone pointed it out and it turns out I do but that’s because silence used to pull me into a maze of trapped thoughts (that’s before blogging of course).

What’s normal anyway? We are all weird in our own unique way, and that’s something we should embrace and be proud of.

F: Who’s your favourite author / poet and why?

c: Okay so this question is great but you’ll probably hate my answer, sorry!

I don’t have one. No favourites. But if you have any suggestions I might check them out and have a little read. ☺

F: You often document your difficulties with finding something to write about – any tips on how to surpass writers block?

c: Yes indeed this is something I struggle with quite a lot. However I’ve realised that it was because I was trying to force it, trying to make a post everyday or make it as perfect as I could. That would create so much unneeded pressure that undoubtedly always led to writers block.

I now believe posts don’t have to be perfect, especially not from the first go. The secret is to just jot everything down without stopping or trying to edit after every sentence. Just type away and when you’ve cleared your thoughts and ideas and there’s nothing left to write, go back read everything and edit just to clean things up and make it coherent enough for the reader to understand. At least that’s what I do ☺

F: Where is your happy place?

c: Another question I’ve not thought about. My happy place? Hmm… around the people I love. Where there are no mobile phones or technology. Maybe a little campfire, some food, lots of Nutella and junk, yep I’m happy. ☺

Thank you clumsyandsilly for taking the time to answer these questions! I look forward to reading more content from you in the future 🤗

Ps. I am an avid reader of Bukowski’s poems – he’s not for everyone, but I definitely recommend you give him a go!

 Click here to visit clumsyandsilly’s blog!

About this series:

The Person Behind is an interview series I started on this blog to ask fellow creatives about themselves and their work. In this online-dominated world the way we communicate and work has shifted – blogs, Instagram accounts and YouTube channels are one of the most common ways of expressing ourselves and sharing our art. To shed light on this, The Person Behind focuses mainly on online personalities and their individual platforms.

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  1. It was an absolute honour and pleasure to answer all of your questions. Thank you for the opportunity and I’ll surely have a read of Bukowski’s work and let you know what I think. ☺️

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