blue opacity

one morning in his small apartment
when warm rays of sun
were creeping into the corners of the room
he asked me in a sudden tone of solemnity
“do you see me in your future?”
while patiently looking out the window at the
i thought he understood
the nature of our acquaintance
i thought it was what he wanted
when my silence stretched out
into the now cold space we used to share
he ever so slightly shook his head
his eyes reflecting
the most heartbreaking shade of
as the quietness grew into a
prolongued state of tranquility
the true answer lay in the lack of sound
between his inquiry
and my hesitancy
that was the moment I think
he knew
“i don’t know”
is all my guilty lips could muster up to say
no matter what was said after
those three little words
the outcome was inevitable
for those words would never be
i love you



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