Falling out of love

What we were

doesn’t matter anymore.

I look at photos

of the sweet lavender


in Provence, France

where we used to go to

whenever we were feeling


Nostalgia creeps up on me

(yet again)

painting a vision of a whole

mass of purple

gently swaying

as if all in


with the melodious

whistles of the wind

under the massive scope of

celestial skies.

It is then that I realise

that it never


never made a


for together we were as purple as

the lavender

until you decided your vibrant


didn’t mix well with

my dull shade of



Yup, that’s right, I decided to participate in No Love For Fatties’ Paint Chip Poetry challenge again.

This week’s paint chip colours were:

Sweet lavender, celestial skies, melodious

If you want to read some more paint chip poetry,

click here

or here.

*A special thanks to thi.de on Instagram for giving me permission to use his illustrations for this blog.

10 thoughts on “Falling out of love

      1. I did have a great time doing it. Although I wrote all my poems in September and then organized it all into 5 weeks of posts. So next weekend is the last one. It was really fun! I might do it again in the new year? Possibly as an AtoZ challenge, but I’m not sure yet.

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          1. I can’t even remember what I wrote it’s been over a month since I scheduled all the posts haha. I will have to go back and revisit them. Thanks again for playing along!! It was great to read your poems!

            Liked by 1 person

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