Monthly Music: december 17

Quick disclaimer: I am the grinch when it comes to christmas songs, so NO, there aren’t any cheesy Christmas jingles in this playlist.

As always, my full December Spotify playlist will be embedded below for you to check out if you’re in the mood for even more songs (I’ve been trying to keep these monthly music playlists on my blog as overseeable as possible).

What songs are your favourites from December? I would love to get some recommendations for my January playlist!

Here are my 25 most listened to songs of December*:

*ps. by clicking on the song titles in blue, you will be directed to the song on YouTube. All songs are available on Spotify.


Sweet Dreams – BØRNS

Your Kinda Love – Scott Mannion, Renaldo & Clara

Parking Lot – Anderson .Paak

Sun’s Out – Hoops

Perfume – Roy Blair

Coffee Boi – Okay Dokey

List Of People – Tame Impala

Waste Of Time – Early Eyes

Love Too Soon – Born Ruffians

Pulling Leaves off Trees – Wallows

Man in the Sixties – Balue

Put a Flower in Your Pocket – The Arcs

Hey Ya! (Radio Mix /Club Mix) – OutKast

Stuck With Me – The Neighbourhood

Acid Test – River Tiber

Change Me – Danger Incorporated

Girl – The Beatles

Cause For Alarm – The Heavy

Last Day – Walter TV

Your Sweet Touch – Bahamas

Altered State of Mind – Milmine

Don’t Come Back Another 100 Times – Slum Sociable

Life – The Walters

Makeout Point – The Frights

Whatever You Want – Sports


List Of People – Tame Impala

I wish this song were also a part of the album,  it’s so good! Anyone who knows me knows that I love Tame Impala to bits. There isn’t a negative emotion one of his songs can’t fix. This is probably the most christmassy song I’ve been listening to because of the bells in the background and the upbeat tone to the beat. I was also impressed by the ironic nature of the lyrics, as having a list of people you want to forget about is probably the worst way to actually forget them (lol).


Parking Lot – Anderson .Paak

This track was probably my most listened to song this month. There’s something about the beat and melody that just gets me going – all I want to do is dance around in my pyjamas when I hear this song. It was also a great motivatonal boomt whenever I needed some after long periods of studying.


Stuck with Me – The Neighbourhood

HOLY SHIT THIS IS ALL I WANT. The Neighbourhood has done it again. This song gives me serious 80’s vibes (also, wouldn’t this be PERFECT for Stranger Things?). There’s just something about this song that makes me listen to it on repeat. And the lyrics, oh my…

Now I’m feeling guilty for it

Didn’t wanna leave

I got caught up in the forest

Hangin’ with the trees

Realized I’m less important

Then I’d thought I be….


10 thoughts on “Monthly Music: december 17

  1. Love your list, you have great taste in music! Funnily enough, my boyfriend recently got me into Anderson Paak and I recently got him into The Beatles haha

    Liked by 1 person

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