a few moments from 2017 (short film)

Happy New Year Everybody!

Phew. 2017 has passed and well, what a crazy year it was indeed. Despite the whole world being in what seemed like a near constant crisis, there were also some good moments in the mix.

What you are about to see is random footage I took over the whole last year composed into a small celebration of the little things in life, the moments that are easily overlooked or forgotten.

Story time: A lot of footage from the first half of the year is missing because I absolutely shredded my phone and lost everything. I managed to scramble together a few clips and was pretty upset when I lost a half-year of work but in hindsight I am pretty content with the outcome (which is mostly because the song is so god damn beautiful).

NYE 17

I also thought I would use this post to quickly give a run-down of my new year’s eve – it was pretty amazing. I went along with a very good friend of mine (one of the best) and a few others and we ended up at this party in a HUGE flat in the center of the city. They had a whole rooftop to themselves with a breathtaking view, so at midnight we all went out and watched the fireworks surrounding us. Honestly, that midnight moment was pretty magical until someone decided to also shoot fireworks from the roof which had us all running for our lives as something went drastically wrong and the fireworks started firing at us midway through. Not to worry though, nobody got hurt and everybody lauged it off. I got to meet some interesting people that night and I am so grateful to have had this experience amongst friends.

In the morning I met up with one of my best friends and we had a wonderful brunch at our favourite place in the city. We were both pretty tired (and a little hungover) from the whole night, hence why we probably looked like two corpses stuffing food into our mouths. We exchanged details and stories of our individual experiences from the past night over coffee and separated drained but happy. I drove home feeling… utterly exhausted. I slept until the train pulled up in my station and continued to do so once at home. After a long nap I reunited with my family and we all sipped steaming hot tea in front of our fireplace. It was a great way to start 2018 off.

In times like this I am reminded of my loved ones and past memories – I am thankful to have met some pretty amazing people in 2017 and am overwhelmed by how fast time flies. 2017 marked a new chapter in my life and is overall probably the most eventful year in my entire existence of 18 ½ years (for now). I would also like to thank you for your support and feedback last year (“last year”…gosh, that sounds so weird to say out loud). It means a lot to me that people actually read (and might even enjoy) the content I put out.


‣ The Person Behind Season 2 (the continuation of my interview series)

‣ The Passion Project (a new series hopefully featuring a bunch of you)

UNTAMED magazine (yup that’s right, I am starting my own magazine! – more info to follow)

‣ Books and Breakfast (a lot of book reviews/recommendations coming your way)

‣ The Education Diary (tales from my educational journey)

Poetry (of course)

Articles on love, relationships, friendships

‣ Friendly Faces (a mini interview series about life, education and much more with some of my closest friends)

What did you do on NYE? 

15 thoughts on “a few moments from 2017 (short film)

  1. It feels so utterly beautiful when you’re living in a moment and you know you’re going to be thankful for living it.

    Can’t wait for all the new series’ and posts 🙂

    As for the question, I did have plans to be a couch potato and stay indoors for NYE but my parents took me to a small party they organised with a bunch of their close friends. But, it wasn’t as disturbingly social and boring, and I met a new person I could call a friend (no new year, new me, but definitely new year, new friend), played my songs for the 15 or so people gathered there, and got together with everyone to play Charades which was actually pretty fun.

    At the stroke of midnight (give a few minutes), I got calls from 3 people wishing me and cursing me for not joining the parties they were at. Given that I hardly ever get calls like those (also because of the fact that we move every two years and I don’t make very close friends), it felt nice to be remembered and wanted

    So, despite being on the cliff of anti-social-ness, and away from bright lights and dance-y music (where ALL of my friends were), it was a success 🙂

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    1. So true. And I’m excited too!
      Your NYE sounds like great fun actually. In the midst of partying and overly loud music I did have a moment where I missed my family. Feeling loved is all any of us strive to achieve I think. To feel like we actually made a large enough impact in someone’s life for them to remember us and notice a difference when we’re gone.

      PS. What instrument do you play?

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        1. I love the sound of guitars, I find them to be very calming. I play the piano and I love it to death (jeez that sounds brutal) but its sound to me is more sophisticated. Guitars just have this element of authenticity if that makes any sense.

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          1. It absolutely does. Acoustic guitars feel like raw, real music in the making, and somehow I find it easier to relate to the music and make my own that way.

            Piano on the other hand, has a very polished feel to it. I sometimes play the piano (very casually) to assist as background music in my songs and the combinations feel heavenly. Equals parts raw, and finished, and the fusion really takes music to another level (for me, that is).

            Wow, I sound like I play very well, but that is not the case xD I just live, and breathe in simple sounds and music.

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            1. I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way. I love your comments on the two instruments and music in general. I also adore the combination of piano and guitar, I was lucky enough to assist in a guitarist’s piece a while back!

              “I just live and breathe in simple sounds and music” – beautifully put. Don’t we all in a way?

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            2. I wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award for blogs, since I really love your content. Please check out my newest post for all the information 🙂
              And, it isn’t necessary to accept the nomination, so if you don’t want to, that’s completely understandable as well.

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            3. That’s so kind of you, thank you! I am definitely accepting, I just finished writing a post on it now. It will probably go up end of January as my schedule is pretty tight at the moment. Sending a big virtual hug to you. 😊

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  2. Oh my goodness, I love all of your posts. They’re so artistic and creative! Really enjoyed your video (subscribed to you too 🙂 ) teach me to edit pls! So atmospheric. Your NYE sounds awesome…my mother accidentally threw away my ID so I was stuck inside as my plans ;-; xx

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    1. Aaaw Mia you flatter me. Reading this made me so happy, especially coming from you (a fellow creative whose work I really respect and look up to) xxx
      And oh god, that sucks! I hope you still had a lovely time though! I have found that sometimes a chill evening in can be just as wonderful as a wild night out 🙂

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        1. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll get to it right away! Just saw the video you made on YouTube (on NYE) and OH GOSH I LOVE YOUR HUMOUR AND YOUR AUTHENTICITY. You MUST keep making videos I feel like I’m going to binge all of yours – so inspiring! xx


    1. Aw Emma, that is so sweet of you! Happy New Year to you too! I can only return the compliment, even though I have only been following your content for a short time, I have fallen in love with it and am definitely looking forward to see your future projects. Hope everything is going well in belle Paris! xx

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