catching feelings

weather is contagious; that they should disclose

you can’t help but smile when a loved one radiates energy

spreading from their fingertips and into your toes.

it isn’t surprising that sadness causes the same infectious chain reaction

but it is misery that sticks with you longer, long after the source of gloom is gone

taking away all satisfaction.

out! out with the woes,

out with dolour! out with the

murk, see how it flows.

after a grievous storm there are two options in store

either all is iced over, feelings turned to frost

or back to the sunshine from before.

23 thoughts on “catching feelings

  1. “it isn’t surprising that sadness causes the same infectious chain reaction
    but it is misery that sticks with you longer, long after the source of gloom is gone”
    Oh, my god these lines… you know it so well, dear 💖 Such a great piece!!✨ Hugs!! 💖🌈

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  2. yes, I need to go back to my sunshine. I’ve just gone through this break up so this poem really speaks out to me and I’m going to screenshot this so I can look back on it, thank you so much 🙂 xx

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  3. Oh, this was so beautiful, and it was the exact thing I needed to read today, I feel.
    I swear to god, everything in, and about your blog, and the feeling it emanates is just… so beautifully perfect- like gahhhhhh, I’m dying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, don’t die on me! I am so glad you enjoyed it! As always, your feedback is so sweet and truly flattering, you have no idea how happy I am every time you leave your thoughts in the comments. Your comment seriously made my day (especially after I for sure failed an exam today *sob*) so thank you xxx

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