You erased the line

as though it was merely chalk

opening the door into a place deep inside that was only mine

taking a step too far into territory I didn’t think you would dare walk.


I hadn’t thought of protecting it from you,

I just assumed our understanding of boundaries was identical,

never bothering to define the line, never thinking I had to.

It was then that I started to wonder if the foundation of our bond was authentical.


Should I have drawn that line visibly in front of your feet?

Does its invisible state make it non-existent?

Is it my fault that our expectations didn’t meet?

Am I right to suddenly let my nature toward you be so distant?


Does that grant you the right to walk where you please

and discredit mine to feel betrayed?

With every further step you take I feel the buckling of my knees

and in that moment my decision is made.


As my facade crumbles and secrets are aired

I take scissors and cut the tie holding us together

all truths now bared

as the burden is lifted I feel as light as a feather.

18 thoughts on “Lines

  1. Brilliant writing!
    I am very into reading poetry and I always wonder how people ‘learn’ to write it. Is it just from personal reading of other poets or did you study it at school or anything? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot! Primarily I probably learnt it through reading lots and lots of poetry but I also had some helpful lessons on it in school where I really got to learn about different techniques and such. But I think that I learnt the most from just writing it. xx


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