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Hola friends of the Internet, 

In my Liebster Award post I asked if you wanted some kind of Q&A from me in the future and some of you really liked getting to know me better, so here I am, officially asking you for questions for me to answer.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this whole Q&A thing a lot recently (hoping I will actually get some questions because tbh it would be pretty embarrassing otherwise seeing as that’s the whole point of this post, u get me?) and I would really like it to serve the purpose of you actually learning a little more about me, the person who writes random things on here.

That is why I am not only asking you to ask me random questions but maybe even some questions on the deeper end of the spectrum for me to answer.  Is there anything you’ve always wondered about me/this blog? Would you like to know my thoughts on a certain topic? Ask me anything ranging from favourite colour to relationships to social issues like feminism – anything at all! Wow okay, this is starting to sound desperate now.

Who knows, maybe I’ll do more Q&A’s if this goes well. *prays it will go well*

So, to wrap this awkward post up, please ask me some questions in the comments below or if they’re a little more personal (and you wish to stay anonymous) you can also send me an email here. If you ask a question via email, your name and blog won’t be mentioned unless you state otherwise. 

Until next time,

Fiona x

*Image credit goes to on Instagram who provided illustrations for me to use on this blog.

33 thoughts on “Ask me stuff

  1. Yo my mum’s name is Fiona, it’s a brilliant name for brilliant women haha. Have you ever watched Shrek and did you like it? What is one song that describes you? And what are your opinions on Feminisim, do you think yourself as one and what would you like to change?

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  2. what are some of your hobbies? what’s your passion? what’s your favorite animal and why? (basic, ik). what’s your favorite tv show?



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      1. Yay okay firstly for the sake of fairness I’m from South Africa. Where are you from? What is the education system like there? What is the political structure/system? What is the poverty/ equality like there? I see you mentioned feminism is that a big thing in your life?

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  3. I have some questions too. Let’s see.
    1) What’s a lie, which is true?
    2) If you were my girlfriend, what’d be one of your reasons to break up with me?
    3) Why are you so sweet?
    This will be fun haha!

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  4. If you could do anything in the world without being judged for it, what would it be? When do you feel the most beautiful? What is one song that always heals you, no matter how many times you listen to it? xx

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  5. My questions…I’m going a little deep..

    Do you believe in karma and if so, do you believe it affects you in the after life (if you believe in that)?

    How many soulmates do you think one can find in life?

    Do you believe in instincts and if so, are they always right?

    Have you ever had a dream that you thought gave you closure or taught you something in real life?

    Ok they are super deep so feel free to pick and choose if you want to answer xxx

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  6. -If, after death, we relive our best, and most-loved memory, what would you be reliving?
    -If you decided on a sudden road trip, what would most likely be the cause of the decision, and what song (or songs) would suit the mood of the journey?
    -What are your views on Donald Trump, and if you could ask him one question, what would it be?
    -If you had a planet/kingdom/empire, what would your motto be, and what would be the key characteristics in the people you appointed as members of your court?

    These are strange questions, but I would love to know xD
    Hope you can answer them among the multitude of questions you’ve been asked (this question-seeking post is most definitely not a fail).

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    1. A broad range of strange but really in-depth questions they are indeed! So creative! I am soooo looking forward to answering these WOHOO. I am answering every question asked, I reckon it will be a loooong Q&A 😂


  7. What is life to you?
    Describe true love with just one word.
    Do you like introspection?
    Aside from writing, what else do you enjoy doing?
    Classical music or metal?
    Do you believe in yourself?
    Do you think there is power in darkness?
    What do you want everyone to know about you that nobody has ever asked you before?

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