Monthly Music: february 18

Hello friends of the Internet,

what was your February like? Mine flew by in a mere blink of an eye. I had my semester break for most of the month, so I met up with a lot of friends, went to an alt-j concert, visited a ball, but also took a lot of time for myself. Especially after exam season, which had me stressing about everything, I needed that extra time to give myself a little self-care. If I had to describe February in one word it would probably be SLEEP – lots and lots of it.

Music-wise I have been all over the place this month. I started out the month with pretty laid-back and chill music but found myself gravitating towards more hip hop, alternative and rap music as the month progressed. Soooo expect to find a diverse playlist down below.

❋ What have you been listening to recently? I would love to get some March recommendations! ❋

As always, my full monthly Spotify Playlist will be embedded below if you would like to check out all songs I’ve been listening to this month.

Here are my most listened to songs of February*:

*ps. by clicking on the song titles in blue, you will be directed to the song on YouTube. All songs are available on Spotify.


Television / So Far So Good – Rex Orange County

Deep Down Body Thurst – N.E.R.D

Post-Youth Depression – Joe Russell-Brown

Cry Baby (Unpeeled) – Cage The Elephant

Offline – Danger Incorporated

So Now What (Flipped) – The Shins

Shout – Tears For Fears

Twin Fantasy (Those Boys) – Car Seat Headrest

King’s Dead – Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake

Silver Trambling Hands – The Flaming Lips

Violet – The Districts

The Memory Junkie – Club Kuru

Call It Fate, Call It Karma – The Strokes


Lemon Glow – Beach House

Tinder Song – VICTOR!

FUCKALLOFYOU2K18 – $uicideBoy$

Hey Jude – The Beatles

Hurt in Love – Yellow Days

PDA – Day Wave, Hazel English

God’s Plan – Drake

Fancy Shoes – The Walters

Wilson State Park – Elijah


Television / So Far So Good – Rex Orange County

This is such a good song. Television was definitely a car jam song for me this month. It may have an uplifting tune at first but don’t let that fool you – under it lies a very touching message when you listen to the lyrics closely. Also, with this particular song, the way the music sounds at 03:10 minutes reminds me of Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy album. Rex Orange County’s music has been in my heart for so long, I just love his voice, his everything.


PDA – Day Wave, Hazel English

I discovered Day Wave about a year ago and have been obsessed with him ever since. When I heard that he had collaborated with Hazel English and covered Interpol’s PDA, I was anxious to listen to it. It’s not hard to realise it’s a cover of PDA but it does sound refreshingly different, which is why I like it so much. They NAILED it.


FUCKALLOFYOU2K18 – $uicideBoy$

I acquired a liking for $uicideBoy$ music back in May 2017, as can be seen here. I know that I probably host an unpopular opinion with this one but hey, I warned you when I said that I have really been into rap music these past few weeks. What I love about their music is that it is so drastically different from all the other music out there in its genre. The beat and the rythym of their songs get me going every time.


Bonus: Natalie’s Rap 2 – Natalie Portman

Okay I really tried to resist but I HAD TO. I LOVE Natalie Portman so much. Ever since SNL released Natalie’s Rap 1 back in 2013, I have been praying for a second part. I lose it every time at the part where she raps “I don’t dance now, I make mommy moves”. My brother and I have seen this video so many times now we’re close to boarderline addiction.


13 thoughts on “Monthly Music: february 18

  1. GIRL I WASN’T READY! I clicked on the Natalie Portman video thinking it would be funny….I WASN’T PREPARED FOR IT. I’m literally giggling like a crazy person in the middle of my dining room! Great playlist btw! I’ve been obsessed with muse atm, not a clue why xx

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  2. I just listen to God’s plan to feel the memesss

    Also, ever heard The Death of a Bachelor?(I know it doesn’t have any context, I’m just recommending this song to everyone)

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