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This books breakfast:

Some brown bread with cheese and a good old fried egg and some tomatoes.

The book review:

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne is a story about a hate-love relationship. I picked it up because I have only heard people raving on and on about this book for the last half year or so. BOY, I am so glad that I read this. IT WAS SO GOOD.

First of all, the writing – I was blown away. This isn’t your typical romance novel. This is something completely outer-worldly. I have never laughed so much while reading a book. Lucy, our main character, is the most adorable human, like ever. She is delightfully weird and quirky and SO GODDAMN FUNNY. I cracked up when she said “I want to juice your head like a lemon”. Seriously, the dialoge between Lucy and Josh is HILARIOUS. I cried laughing so much at one point. And I also cried when everything that was happening was just too cute to handle. I just cried all of the time, basically. Can you tell that I’m on my period?


The story and the timing didn’t feel forced at all – the pacing had a very natural flow about it. The book had a well rounded ending and it just had me feeling giddy the entire time. I have already expressed my love for the MC, but Josh is about as interesting as it gets regarding character development. He was like an onion, which is the character type I love the most. So many layers to peel away. AND HE WAS ONE FAT ONION, LET ME TELL YOU. Just when I thought I knew who he was, he surprised me. Again. And wow, who thought such a cute story could be swarming with so many steamy chapters?

This is the kind of book you will start reading and you will finish in one sitting. (I know I did – and the bags under my eyes today are totally worth it!) I RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERY FEMALE PERSON ON THE PLANET (even if romance novels aren’t normally your cup of tea). I just can’t express how much I enjoyed this. Sally Thorne, it was a pleasure getting to know you through this wonderful novel. I do hope we meet again. I am one big sobbing (bloody) mess at the moment and this book was exactly the cure I needed. I’m just sad that this book doesn’t have more pages.

5/5 stars on Goodreads

Have you read The Hating Game? What did you think?

6 thoughts on “The Hating Game (Sally Thorne) / Books and Breakfast

  1. OH MY GOD FIONA I LOVE YOU!!!! I loved this book so freaking much I had such a book hangover after it. Josh and Lucy are so cute and the story is so sweet … I can’t wait for her new book! She released a first chapter and blurb of it then decided she didn’t like the novel and cancelled it and it broke my heart💔💔💔

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    1. Me too. Book hangovers are the worst ugh, because I tend to compare EVERYTHING I read with that book (or just not be in the mood to read at all) And um WHAAAAT? I DIDN’T KNOW THAT! I guess it spared me the heartbreak haha. Can’t wait for her new book too, I’m really excited to read it! x


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