Monthly Music: april 18

Welcome. to. this. new. music. post. yeah. woohoo.

*awkward silence*

Okay. Let’s start again.

Hello friends of the Internet! 

How are you today? Ready for some fionatastic music recommendations?! I know I am. Okay hah, maybe you’re not but I’m forcing them on you anyway because that’s the charming person I am. April has been a pretty weird month for me, it has me feeling all over the place. But one thing you can always count on, however I may be feeling, is a solid playlist.

I’m actually really feeling this April playlist, ya girl is pretty proud of all of the songs she found. Unfortunately this month’s edition won’t be as visually aesthetic as the last because I’ve been working hard on a bunch of other projects (*hint* collaborations *hint*) that you will hopefully get to see for yourself soon.

Fun fact: when I write these Monthly Music posts I always listen to the playlist on blast.

Quick sidenote but also kind of relevant: I do a lot of polls on my Instagram story because I find it interesting to see people’s opinions on (sometimes controversial) topics. Anyway, I asked a bunch of you how you like to listen to your music, the two options being “at a normal volume” and “on blast”. 56% voted for “on blast”, 44% for “at a normal volume” (just thought I’d throw that in here, this being a music post and all. Gosh, why am I so awkward today?).

I think you’re probably had it with my rambling on and on about… nothing in particular, so here is the main reason you clicked on this post; A bunch of fucking awesome songs I’ve been loving lately.

By clicking on the song titles in blue you will be redirected to the YouTube video of the given song. All songs are available on Spotify, my whole playlist will be embedded at the end of this post.


‘Cause I’m A Man – Tame Impala

Song for a Friend – The Slaps

Baby C4 – The Buttertones

Loving is Easy – Rex Orange County

4 Seasons – Rex Orange County

OKRA – Tyler, The Creator

Tire Eyes – Post Animal

Miss Plum & the Pursuit of Falling – Gus Dapperton

Daydream – Luna Luna

Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Without U – Beach Goons

Loner – Smooth Ends

Unbothered – Omar Apollo

Like Yesterday – Paul Cherry

Bad Bonez – Michael Seyer

Marilyn – Mosie

Call Out My Name – The Weeknd

Tailor Made – The Lemon Twigs

Fear of Intimacy – Zack Villere

Drugs – M.A.G.S.

Heartache – Your Favorite Color

Carnal Cruise – Albert Hammond, Jr.


‘Cause I’m A Man – Tame Impala

This is the first song in my playlist for a reason. I am a big Tame Impala fan, have been for a long time, so it’s no surprise that I like this track. What is so striking to me about Kevin is that he manages to produce this unique sound to his songs, so that they are always recognizable.


Loving is Easy – Rex Orange County

Okay. Let me start off by saying that if you don’t know who Rex Orange County is – WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? He is 19 years old and is better than a lot of established artists! I am happy that he is now beginning to get the recognition he deserves, he’s such a pure ray of sunshine. Loving is Easy is one of the many songs of his that I listened to these past few months and it gives me such a happy feeling. I hope it can do the same for you.


Like Yesterday – Paul Cherry

Stop what you’re doing right now, put in some headphones and listen to this gem. I MEAN IT. Paul Cherry reminds me of a mixture between Rex Orange County, Homeshake, Passion Pit and Mac DeMarco. This song currently has a little over 8,000 views on YouTube – UNDERRATED!


OKRA – Tyler, The Creator

I’ve had a big love for Tyler ever since Cherry Bomb. I think he is one of the brightest creative minds out there today. So when I heard this was actually a “throwaway song” of his, I was like “WHAT? THIS IS BETTER THAN A LOT OF ALBUM SONGS OTHER RAPPERS MAKE.



Sex & Food – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have produced so many great songs over the years, like So Good At Being In Trouble, Multi-Love, Not in Love We’re Just High and much, much more. Four words: LISTEN. TO. THIS. ALBUM.

My Dear Melancholy, – The Weeknd

For this one I’m actually going to refer you to a post from my good blogging friend Alex, where she reviews and sums up the whole album perfectly. Just know that I have been in love with The Weeknd ever since House Of Balloons. Any 2011 fans with me?


25 thoughts on “Monthly Music: april 18

    1. Sunflower is such a beautiful song. It always gets me in a better mood! 911 is so chill and laid-back, it actually calms me! I think my favourite of Tyler’s is probably Garden Shed and the song he and Rex collaborated on together! Thanks x

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yesss Tyler the Creator is so fucking amazing!! And the Weeknd of course slayed all of our existences 😂. I LOVE finding new songs to listen to so I love this post – I’ll be sure to check out some of the others!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tyler and Abel are like on the top ten list of guys I would marry in a heartbeat 😂 Aaaahh I’m happy that there were some new songs in the mix for you! Discovering new music/artists has become a hobby of mine, so being able to actually do that for someone else via these posts really means a lot!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. ME TOO ME TOO. I also really love Melody’s Echo Chamber, she’s Kevin’s (Tame Imapala) girlfriend and he produced her latest album! You should definitely check her out if you don’t know her. I know right, Tame Impala is still so underrated! So much love in my heart for Gus and Rex, they’re seriously the future of music. YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE ARSHIA AAHHHHH FOR SOME REASON I’M SO HAPPY WE LIKE THE SAME ARTISTS I DON’T KNOW WHYYY


      1. Aye, lass it fulfilleth my expectations. Now I hath several new musics to listen to. I thanketh thee.

        I shalt writeth a music post at no hour t’shalt be a longeth time b’foreth I write one.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. YES YES YES! I have been obsessed with the weeknd since the very beginning and I am LOVING his new album. Any time he drops music, the next couple of months I already know my “most played” songs are just going to be dominated by him xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaayyyee so you’re like an og fan. Abel is honestly just an amazing artist of our time and I can’t wait to hear all of the amazing things I know he will come up with in the future! Same, it’s like something out of my control every time he drops a new album, I just HAVE to listen to it. xx


  3. UM so glad to see Rex and Gus up there – though I’m ashamed of how underrated Paul Cherry is! I have to say, I feel like I’m slightly backwards on The Weeknd considering I’ve yet to completely listen to his latest album besides the singles, but I have been obsessed with a ton of his old stuff lately, getting in my feels haha xx

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