What pushes you to write? (3)

Two bloggers give their reasons for writing in the latest installment of The Passion Project. 

“I think its a mixture of different aspects of myself and my life that pushes me to write. I need a source of inspiration, but also a sense of emotion to write something impactful. I write because I like to document thoughts and feelings for future reflection, and also in the hopes that I can help someone else feeling the same as me.

Writing and language itself unities us all, as we share what we have to say with others that will listen. I’ve always loved writing for as long as I can remember, and its something that comes from within. Some people are naturally drawn to painting or drawing, as I am naturally drawn to writing. I feel without writing I would feel very lost. I wouldn’t know who I am. And I guess that is what pushes me to write.”

– Indy’s Soliloquies

“As a writer, I thrive off of words. 

When things inside my head, where it all comes from, get out of control I am suddenly thrust into horrible depths of wanting to do nothing and needing to write everything. So naturally, I choose to sit there and stare, stare, stare until hating myself and all that I want to write and have written becomes routine.

The mind is such a fragile thing. What keeps me writing beyond these feelings, pushing away every negative thought and mood, is the instant bliss that comes after putting my feelings down (whether it be on paper or the notes on my phone). It’s when I kept going and noticed how writing takes time, writing something good takes determination, but writing something amazing takes putting pieces of yourself into your words. It takes spreading yourself thin to get your message across. I’ve realized throughout the years that I WANTED to keep creating, even when I write something I’m inclined to immediately throw away… I want to keep trying and trying and trying. That, to me, is a beautiful thing. It’s a constant in my life. I’ll always love doing it, whether at the moment I like to write or not. 

Another thing I’ve also learned is that there is no value in everything being handed to you. Most don’t realize that writing takes work. It isn’t always, “oh I’m gonna write this down real quick and they’ll understand”. NO. Writing takes commitment and lots of revising/editing/deleting/frustration. That’s why when I first started to write my books I kept throwing it all away thinking I could do this later, BECAUSE I HATED IT. I hated writing under so many rules and “you can’t do this and this and that but hey, DO THIS”. I disliked the feeling of failure and not having anything good come out. I didn’t want to create for others, I wanted to create for myself and my God. When I learned that I don’t have to do anything for the pleasure of others? 

That’s when things started to really change.”


Hello to all of you reading this!

This is just a short little note to thank everyone who participated in The Passion Project round one. It was a pleasure reading all of your thoughts and stories. Unfortunately, the writing chapter has now closed for now, as in the next few months a different passion will be discussed in this series – what topic that is, you get to decide.

Below you will find a short list of possible topics, I would really appreciate  it if you could take a few seconds to vote for a passion of your interest in the comments!

Just write a comment with the topic of your choice*:


*If you have suggestions that aren’t included in the poll, please let me know anyway, I’m sure I’ll be needing inspiration for this series!

Although this was the last “What pushes you to write” feature, I’d still like to know:

>>> What pushes you to write? <<<

15 thoughts on “What pushes you to write? (3)

  1. I’d choose photography. What pushes me to write? Probably deadlines and being creative haha. Sometimes I just like the feeling of creating something and blogging gives me that – I feel proud when I create a good post. However, the deadlines and expectations of new posts push me to write too!

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  2. Muuuusic!! What pushes me to write is the fact it’s part of who I am and the way that I express myself, there’s a quote that says “I must write, or I shall die of grief.” and I think that sums things up for me pretty well xx

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  3. Fiona,

    Thank you so so much for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing installment!! The question got me thinking and wondering and well… my thoughts just bled out of my head and into words. It’s what happens 😂

    I had loads of fun writing this.

    Also, I agree with many others. Music IS A MUST.

    All the love,

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    1. I am so happy you enjoyed being a part of this series! Means a lot to me. I thought your explanation to be beautifully written!

      And that does happen quite a lot to me too 😂

      Music it is!

      Much love ❥


  4. This is such an interesting read! I vote for Photography for the next one. I think what pushes me to write is a mixture of creativity and a need to decipher my thoughts. xx

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