gullible minds

I loathe the mentality of only living once
it pushes us to misbehave
dewy-eyed teenagers that lost their way
living like tomorrow died before it even started
oblivious to the fact that their mistakes can shape hereafter
what fools they are
risking their futures before they are even a reality

13 thoughts on “gullible minds

  1. i ADORE this poem. i can’t even tell you how much i agree and how well i think you put that idea into words. too often, people (especially our generation) use “yolo” as an excuse to do stupid, regrettable things…. i think it’s fine to live as if there’s no tomorrow, but as a means of facing our fears or forgiving others–not to drink the night away or “experiment” with things we don’t understand.

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    1. Thank you so much lovely, I am so happy you liked this!! I completely agree with you. I think there is a difference between doing things because you really want to at the time (and you know, maybe it proves to be a bad decision, but at least you had reason behind it at the time) and doing things ONLY because of said mentality, that “now’s my chance, I might never have one again”.

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  2. This. THIS. THIIIIS. I feel like screaming for everyone to read this absolutely amazing, eye-opening, real, in-your-face-dewy-eyed-teenagers poem.

    This poem is the anthem I have been looking for without knowing I needed it.

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    1. Arshia, you truly flatter me. Honestly, your comment made my day (technically it’s night but oh well).
      AAAAHHH I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY why am I always so awkward when people compliment me? All I can really think of to say is thank you.


  3. First time I’ve heard someone (your age) actually going against the flow, and telling people not to do stupid shit (or things of the same like)

    But in our defence, this impulsiveness comes from an aggressive will to live. I agree that ending our lives in name of living is idiocy, but trying out something new isn’t wrong. And I don’t think it’s to be blamed on our mindsets, but our hormones. We usually grow out of it by our twenties.

    But, an amazing poem nevertheless. I like your short and concise work.

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    1. Really? 😂 Trust me, the last few years of my teenage life have been messy and imperfect and I certainly made some mistakes a long the way. The thing is, I’ve seen people around me make one mistake that has defined them until today and most of those situations weren’t things they actually wanted to do. They did them because they didn’t think about consequences – they did them out of pressure from others, to impress someone,… the list goes on and on and on.

      I think there is a fine line between doing something because you truly want to at the time and doing something out of pure idiocy or out of that “yolo” mentality. And I agree that hormones can be blamed but I believe only partly. We still make decisions consciously, despite hormones being a factor. And I WISH all people would grow out of it in their twenties, sadly that’s not the case for many. Some need a shocking wake up call to snap them out.

      But, thank you. Your feedback means a lot to me, as I admire your work so much.


  4. I LITERALLY DON’T THINK I CAN TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!!! Especially after the rise of “YOLO”… I feel like the mentality was completely misinterpreted. You only live once so cherish your life and do things that are meaningful and will help you get the most out of your life….. not “YOLO, let’s take 500g of coke in a night!” xx

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  5. Love this! I felt so much pressure as a teenager, to go out every night and be crazy, or do wild things just because. Everyone said I would regret not drinking 24/7 and partying, but I really don’t. Living life to the full, is so much more than a hangover and ‘bad girl’ reputation. x

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    1. I agree with and relate so much! There’s soooo much pressure out there to “live life to the fullest” or whatever. I guess it’s a matter of what that translates to. Because if you just take it as making decisions that make you happy, then I say go for it. But like you said, drinking yourself into a coma and doing wild and dangerous stuff all of the time is something that you can quickly end up regretting. xx

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