Nostalgia City (playlist) / 1

One of my dearest blogging friends, Priya, recently shared a playlist to get nostalgic to. I liked the idea so much that I decided to make my own.

If you don’t know who Priya is, you have to give her blog a visit. It’s one of the number one blogs to find and immerse yourself in music. Seriously, her content is so, so good and honestly one of the blogs I really look forward to reading new content on.

Nostalgia is one of those feelings I find hard to describe. Sometimes it can be comforting to relive old memories in your head, longing for that time again. Other times, I feel like it can lead to old wounds being opened up again when dwelled upon too much. Nevertheless, I find it to be an interesting state of being only few things can truly evoke; One of those things is music.

Music has this inexplicable power of charging us emotionally, capturing experiences most of us know too well. So here is a little list of songs that do just that for me. I will split this list up into four posts in the course of four weeks – this is part one, the next parts will come out each Friday, so stay tuned!


17 by Youth Lagoon


Idle Town by Conan Grey


peach pit by PEACH PIT


big sis by SALES


Time by Pink Floyd


Space Song by BEACH HOUSE


Between The Bars by Elliott Smith


Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood


Midnight City by M83

nostalgia city

Listen to the full playlist here:

18 thoughts on “Nostalgia City (playlist) / 1

  1. Omg I love you and I love this list! Conan, Peach Pit, The Neighbourhood and M83?? Midnight City and Sweater Weather always do something to my soul when they come on, such beautiful songs. Come on!! I’m also mildly obsessed with that graphic at the end with the entire list, I might have to borrow that idea if it’s alright with you girly!! Appreciate you heaps gal xx

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    1. Ahhhh I am so happy you like it! And YES those two songs are just such gems, they always take me back to the time when I first heard them and was IMMEDIATELY entranced by them. And sure you can, I figure it’s a great way for me to screenshot your playlists if I want to listen to them later on! Love you xx

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