Monthly Music: september 18

Well hello there my fellow music lovers,

you should know by now that the end of the month can only mean one thing on this blog: a new Monthly Music entry. September brought a lot of change with it for me but there was one thing that stayed a constant this month: my taste in music. I listened to a lot of artists I already knew and with everything going on in my life and around me, I took comfort in the familiar.

🎵 What have you been listening to recently? 🎵

Let me know, I am always looking for new recommendations for the next month!

As always, you can find the full September playlist embedded at the end of this post if you want to check out everything I’ve been listening to. The blue song titles will direct you to the given song on YouTube, all songs are available on Spotify.


Secret Xtians – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Skytop Garden – Johnny Utah

Honey Moon – Mac DeMarco

Last Time – Ralph Castelli

Give It All to Me – Black Pool

Tribe – Bas, J. Cole

Pretty Little Fears – 6LACK, J. Cole

Cariño – The Marías

Live Well – Palace

Best Friend – Mellow Fellow

Nebraska – Low Hum

Better Views – Yellow House

King Tulip – $uicideBoy$

Midnight Surf – The Velveteins

Heaven – Clairo

Edition – Rex Orange County

Paradise – Rex Orange County


Let It Happen – Tame Impala

Elephant – Tame Impala


Secret Xtians by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Ever since I saw Unknown Mortal Orchestra live at Sziget 18, I have been listening to their music like crazy. ‘Secret Xtians’ can be seen as a classic representative of the music style they are known for. Only in their last album, Sex & Food, did they start to branch out and experiment more with their music. I would definitely recommend listening to the likes of ‘Secret Xtians’ if you are unfamiliar with the band before transitioning to their newer tracks.


Skytop Garden by Johnny Utah

This is one of my new discoveries of the month, one I listened to heaps. Starting out slow, this song builds up into a catchy explosion of sound that maintains a very relaxed vibe throughout before closing in a similar fashion to the start. It carries a lot of elements that remind me of very old songs yet manages to stay fresh with the modern, electric sounds it has to offer. As the narrator at the very beginning of the track states, I simply can’t get enough of it man. 


Better Views by Yellow House

I. LOVE. YELLOW HOUSE. This song gets me every time. It has a very vintage, indie sound to it, it reminds me of Mac Demarco mixed with a little pop. Might I just add in there that this is the perfect song for washing the dishes to. (Let me know if you want a “songs to listen to when washing the dishes” playlist!)


Let It Happen by Tame Impala

Tame Impala is a music staple to me – always has been, always will be. When I say that I have had thing song in my head for the past two weeks, I mean ALL THE TIME. If you don’t know Tame Impala, what are you still doing here, reading this post? Tame Impala offers musical creativity and innovation I have only seen seldomly with modern-day artists.



East Atlanta Love Letter – 6LACK

Opinions on this Album are very divided. While I do agree that 6LACK has definitely produced better albums as a whole, there are still a couple of songs I have been listening to non-stop. ‘Unfair‘, ‘Nonchalant‘, ‘Switch‘, ‘Scripture‘ and ‘Pretty Little Fears‘ are by far my favourites of the entire album.


13 thoughts on “Monthly Music: september 18

  1. HOW IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY, I’M SHOOK ;-; I absolutely love Tame Impala as well 🙂 I actually didn’t know about them until last year when I met one of my australian friends and he shared them with me x

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  2. Eeeee love a bit of Tame Impala, they’re like forgotten favourites for me because I love their music but always forget it exists…and then I hear it again and I’m like YAY. Also, Rex Orange County is a big fat yes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GIRL, how could you forget their existence?! Totally get that though, I have a lot of artists I love and “rediscover” all the time – in a way it makes the experience of listening to their music even more special because it’s like finding a long-lost friend again. I heard Rex was in the UK recently, I NEED TO SEE HIM LIVE AT LEAST ONCE

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