she let go

She was never the type of girl

to let it slide when her feelings

were trampled on

so it came as a surprise to everyone that

this strong-willed female,

decisive in her manner,

her steps always so self-assured,

echoing down the hallways as if to convey

that she was a force

to be reckoned with,

had given herself up

by simply walking into a tank full

of hungry sharks

and letting them eat her alive

the clicking of her heels

finally coming

to a


15 thoughts on “she let go

  1. This shows that even the people who appear the most confident and act the happiest, also have their bad days, they’re used to hiding it but one day it’ll be revealed. Great post xx

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  2. everyone has a breaking point, no matter how strong we may appear. it is part of what ties us together as humans–we all FEEL, more deeply than even we ourselves can possibly know. beautiful piece, fiona. I always adore your poetry, and the meaning behind it gives me something to aspire to ❤ xx

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  3. Just read this piece. It’s tragic and SO real how she gives up an walks willingly into the shark filled tank.
    All of us have at atleast oce in our lives wanted to give up on something, sitiations, moments, people…
    Loved it!

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