Brussels, Belgium.

Hello hello,

yes it’s me, back with a photography/travel post. I must admit that although I love posting these as I love photography so much, they are very simple to compose in a short amount of time. With uni deadlines approaching, I haven’t been able to invest as much time into my regular posts as I would like to at the moment. I am sure some of you have noticed that I haven’t been very active as of late, I’m currently in the process of catching up with all of your blogs!

Don’t worry though, I have been working on a few bigger posts/projects that you will be seeing soon enough. Hopefully I will be able to find some sort of new blogging routine which enables me to put out a little more in-depth content.

Brussels was a great city trip, one I had been looking forward to for a while. Though we managed to see a lot in the course of a day, there is still so much left to explore! I hope to do so the next time I get the chance to visit.

In almost all of the bigger cities in Belgium, there is what they call a “Grote Markt” which translates to “big market” – this was by far the grandest we have seen so far, with all buildings lined with matching gold accents. 
I know what you’re thinking – ONLY 250 different kinds of beer? Don’t worry, we went to a bar called ‘Café Delirium’ in the evening which is known for housing more than 3000 different kinds of beer.



Look at those details!


Brussels is filled with cute little record stores and music shops as it turns out. I went to the one pictured above and would have probably spent the erst of the day in it if it weren’t for my friends patiently waiting outside for me. I am determined to go back!


No caption required.
The royal theatre. It was buzzing with people.
One of my beautiful friends ❤
We walked around a more domestic quarter of Brussels.


I swear I saw around 10 mini vans that day.



Okay. These were hands down some of the best fries I’ve had so far. The place we bought them from is apparently known for their secret truffle sauce, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it myself. It was HEAVENLY.

32 thoughts on “Brussels, Belgium.

  1. Belgium looks so pretty! Most of my family lives in France so sometimes we’ll have little trips, but I’ve never actually spent the day there. Lovely post! ♡

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  2. I’m not sure if it’s your photography that’s making Belgium look absolutely stunning or if it’s just Belgium being so photogenic. 😂😂 Either way, I am in love 😍😍

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  3. WOOOOO. Amazing photography as always, I’m OBSESSED. Those chips look insane??? I’m craving some so badly right now omg. Your editing is always so beautifully done, I always look forward to these posts!! xx

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  4. I hope you’re loving Belgium, Fiona! Your photography is always so freaking gorgeous – really enjoyed reading + seeing your trip to Brussels 🙂 That record store sounds like I would LOVE it too! xx

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