Monthly Music: july 19

I have four words for you: THERE IS NO INBETWEEN.

This month I was either listening to angry punk rock while doing the dishes or chilling out in a bubble of dreamy music that seemed like it would never end. All highs and lows, no middle ground.

☯︎What have you been listening to recently? I’d specifically appreciate some suggestions regarding more laid back / romantic / dreamy music! ☯︎

*As always, you will find the full playlist embedded at the end of this post. All songs are available on Spotify and Youtube, the links in blue will redirect you to the given song on YouTube.


November – Tyler, The Creator

WHAT’S GOOD – Tyler, The Creator

Wild Stare – Giant Rooks

Loose Ends – Sticky Fingers

Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone – Ezra Furman

Song For Winners – Nick Waterhouse

Space Oddity – David Bowie, John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson

Fire Dept – Jaden

Summertime In Paris – Jaden, WILLOW

On My Own – Jaden, Kid Cudi

Same Wine – Priya Francis

Gotta Get Away – Vista Kicks

I Just Want to Feel Something – The Shakes

Good While It Lasted – Old Man Canyon

I Saw An Angel – Puzzle

Daysleeper – Dirty Art Club

She’s A Lady – Tom Jones

Loverboy – A-Wall

Edge of America – Okey Dokey, Harpooner

ENTROPY – Daniel Caesar

Loose Ends by Sticky Fingers

This song was MY JAM this July (sorry for the cringe). I love the classic pop/rock formula mixed with a little punk and experimental sounds. I particularly enjoyed the chorus:

This is a governments world

And so you better get a job

And no more acting like a nuisance

Imagine a tired Fiona coming home from work, cracking open some cider, putting some sweats on and blasting this song while cooking dinner. YUP. That was me this past month. This song is ENERGY.

And is it just me, or does the beginning bare some resemblance to Feel Good Inc. by The Gorillaz?

Calm Down AKA I Should Not Be Alone by Ezra Furman

So, we know I danced to the song above while cooking and I BET you’re wondering what I listened to while washing up the dishes. Well, maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but here it is anyway:

The pattern is noticeable – I was into high energy, punk rock music this month. And Ezra gave me everything I could have ever asked for with this song.

On My Own by Jaden and Kid Cudi

I’m not the type of person to say something like “this slaps hard” but THIS SLAPS HARD (this is an exception, ok? OK.). When I listen to this song, I instantly think of driving at night through a lit up city. This would be such a good movie song.

I have to admit that when I first heard Jaden’s music I was slightly skeptical. When “ICON” came out, everyone was talking about it but not really in a serious way. Now, with his new album ERYS, I feel like people are starting to take his music more seriously. I know I am.

What we like to forget is that young artists are not going to be perfect from the moment they walk into the music industry. Just like with any other job, you will learn new things and constantly develop your work. And say what you will about Jaden Smith, but his growth is noticeable. Both in his music and in his other endeavors.

Edge of America by Okey Dokey & Harpooner

What I listened to when getting ready for bed? Why Edge of America of course. Those of you who follow these Monthly Music posts of mine regularly will probably recognise Okey Dokey – for the past year, I have really been enjoying their music.

And they are so underrated! I mean, this song only has around 300 views on YouTube. HOW??? I CAN’T HGDIDGJRNH

ENTROPY by Daniel Caesar

First of all: if you like Frank Ocean and / or Steve Lacy and HAVEN’T heard any of Daniel Caesar’s stuff then GO. Do it. Now. Please. I mean, only if you want to. But like seriously, you’re missing out. Okay. I’m stopping now. I promise. DO IT.

ENTROPY is a song that fills me with calm. I could have this song on a loop while staring at the ceiling the whole day and wouldn’t mind one bit.

I would love to see Daniel Caesar collaborate with someone like Tyler, The Creator. Their sounds and styles would for sure mesh really well.

Same Wine by Priya Francis

Last but not least… I couldn’t end this Monthly Music post without talking about one of my favorite blogger’s / friend’s songs: Priya Franics, everybody.

Please give her a big round of applause (& while you’re at it, check out her blog!). Because I feel like a proud mother :’) And I mean…. have you ever heard the voice of an angel? No? Then listen to her new song.


4 thoughts on “Monthly Music: july 19

  1. Tyler, The Creator is just EVERYTHING, amazing music, amazing person haha. I love these recommendations since I usually listen to pop music and pretty much that’s it, so I’ll give these a listen and see what I think. Great post, as always! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bless your soul!! So chuffed to be included in a list with such incredible artists Fiona!! I mean, Jaden, Daniel (!!!) and Tyler?? Such a good playlist as always, appreciate you heaps gal xx

    Liked by 1 person

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