revealing shadows

Who are you? I think as I intently stare at the back of his head, eventually parting his ruffled hair, drilling a small hole and casting a fishing rod as far as I can; Trying to discern something, anything, that will satisfy my curiosity.

He finally bites and I am caught off guard. A blur of hair as he turns, clear blue eyes now fixed on me, squinting slightly against the glaring sunlight. He raises his eyebrows, as if to playfully challenge me. Reel me in he commands and I oblige, slowly pulling him closer while still holding his gaze. Our pupils expand into a sea of shared emotions and for a moment, we simply float. We dwell in a bubble, free from the pressure of the outside world, nothing there to weigh us down.

A simple prick and the bubble bursts. The sunlight floods through and we are blindly thrust back into reality. We lay eyes on each other once more and see each other in a new light, shadows prominently highlighted by the sun, as if our darkness had been etched into our skin.

Shadows start to move behind his eyes, those once piercing blue eyes now a heavy pool of black. The shadows move to the inner corner of his eyes and start to bleed the truth. I feel my own shadows shifting, replacing my vision with a protective wall of tears, safe from his dark holes. I blink. And just like that the line I so delicately cast snaps, violently launching him off land, leaving me on an island, staring out to sea while welled-up tears now freely fall down my cheeks.

14 thoughts on “revealing shadows

  1. I’m sitting in a boring lecture and your post has totally transported me
    Also love how with one sentence you pack such a punching and precise image “A simple prick and the bubble bursts” It sounds so simple yet it’s so appealing a beautiful to me.

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