this is a story about a painting so enticing
it was hard to look away
i decided to never avert my gaze again
displaying the beautiful canvas in my home
tracing precise brush strokes with my fingers
desperately craving the depicted
for it was mine but not
a distinct vision i chased but could never keep up with
and so an idyllic work of art
merely became an idea i liked
the sound of
until i realized it didn’t match
any of my furniture

16 thoughts on “rêverie

    1. This means a lot, thank you, Joana! I feel like I have never properly thanked you for supporting me all this time. You were one of my first commenters and you have no idea how much that support encouraged me to continue this blog!💗

      And yes! I have been working on changing things up for a while now, it feels more “me” again. Happy you like it, a post about the whole relaunch / redesign will be coming very soon..

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