♏︎ & ♉︎

You were hot

I was cold

scorpio and


opposites on the zodiac

balancing each other out

or tied up in the ugliest of battles

you threw flames of accusation at me

while I responded with daggers of ice

leaving scars that never quite

went away

it was all or nothing

just raw affection

a thorny infatuation

you were water

your waves rushing through me

until my eyes burned of salt

I was earth

keeping you grounded

until burying you completely

I think I loved you


I know I loved you

because if I didn’t

I wouldn’t be turning you into



15 thoughts on “♏︎ & ♉︎

    1. Of course. I think it would be hard not to have similarities. But that being said, I am a firm believer in the “opposites attract” theory. I think so obviously being two individuals can help bring two people together and stay together.
      Thanks for stopping by!🙂

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