Do men struggle with body image issues too?

FRIENDLY FACES is a casual conversation amongst friends about life, education and growing up.

This issue’s face: Florian (age 20)


Heya friendly face, introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Florian, 20 years old, a student of Molecular Biotechnology since last September and a passionate gamer (even with real-life friends) 

Molecular Biotechnology…what is that exactly? (sounds like something for really smart people)

We specialise in the medical fields of molecular biotechnology that are beneficial to and help humans, which basically means we look at processes that happen in cells and how to change cells in order for us humans to use it to our advantage. For example we look at genetic material to research heritable genetic illnesses and work to treat these illnesses more effectively.

Liking it so far?

YEEEEESSS. Of course there are some courses in the mix that aren’t the most exciting, but there isn’t really anything where I would say that it’s useless or, compared to some subjects in school, as bad. The lectures aren’t the only interesting thing though – my collegues, a lot of which I already count as great friends, also play a big part. The whole experience is just completely different than school.

Now, for those who don’t know, we’ve known each other how long now?

I’d like to know that myself. I believe five or six years now.

Didn’t realise it was that long already! Time really does fly…do you remember what we did the first time we met?

You probably remember better than I do because you wrote it in your diary. We were at the cinema, I don’t know anything about the film we watched anymore.

Yes, we watched “A Good Day To Die Hard”. Terrible movie, but I loved the company!

I know that your friend, Anna, was with us because your mum didn’t want you meeting up with a stranger by yourself. Anna wasn’t so happy about that.

Knowing each other for as long as we do, we basically went through puberty together. What was your overall experience like in that time period of your life?

Personally I don’t think that I went through “typical puberty” such as rebelling against everything your parents say or do. It was mostly stressful and burdening because my body changed so much and I was experiencing all of these things for the first time. You become a “real” person and it took me a lot of sleepless nights where I was on the verge of a mental breakdown to fully fathom it all. I wasn’t such a pain in the ass for my parents, unlike other teenagers. And I am happy that I have someone like you, with whom I grew into the person  I am today. I don’t think that a lot of friendships get past puberty.

But we made it! As whole human beings (well nearly anyway). Speaking of body changes – I feel like self-love is a topic typically discussed regarding females. But surely men also have body image issues?

I can’t speak for every young man out there, but regarding myself I can only say “of course”. Us men naturally also see male models with their perfectly trained bodies. You just have to walk into a gym to see how many people are their to make their body look more “appealing”. In my eyes, working out at the gym has become a trend just like any other fashion trend.

I think a lot of girls don’t realise that boys go through similar issues, just like them.

Exactly! As example, I am 1,82 metres tall and weigh 55kg and have always been underweight. My weight doesn’t affect my health negatively, but I still have my issues with it. My body isn’t built like those of different hollywood actors and it weighs on my confidence and my self-worth when people don’t trust me with certain tasks because I am on the thinner end of the spectrum. Sometimes it also is a issue with women. I don’t want to badmouth a well-trained body but it isn’t the standard body type. But when the media presents this as the ideal body, people expect that in real life, so it generates this pressure to meet other people’s expectations. 

What was the hardest thing for you growing up?

Did I ever talk to you back then about the fact that I was bullied?

Yes, but you were hesitant to talk to me about it back then.

I just realised that I never really had someone who stood up for me. 

It was hard in my situation, we never went to the same school. I can remember you being really depressed for a long time before you actually filled me in on what was going on.

I know, it wasn’t meant as an accusation, but nobody in my class really ever came up to stand by me or say “hey, this is wrong”. 

I know what you mean. The uninvolved just kind of all looked the other way. If I remember correctly you did inform your teacher though, didn’t you?

Well, kind of – my parents were the ones to call my teacher and we had a meeting with him. He was clearly overwhelmed with the situation.  

I’m guessing he wasn’t really trained to deal with those types of situations.

Absolutely not. He played the whole situation down and never really did a lot to help me.

I think as a teacher it should be your responsibility to stand up for your students. Teachers should learn how to properly handle bullying situations so that they are prepared when something like that happens. And it happens quite a lot these days.

They should! Back then I was completely alone in dealing with the bullying.

One never forgets things as traumatising as that.

You forget the specifics but the feelings stick. 

Well, I think that’s a good quote to end things on. I just wanted to say that I admire you for going through all that and still being as awesome as you are.

Thanks, I know that you mean that. And thank you for having me!


28 thoughts on “Do men struggle with body image issues too?

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you think so! It’s definitely an issue amongst male teens / young adults and I feel like the media doesn’t shed light on this enough. With all the body positivity and self-love promotion going on nowadays, you’d think they’d also include a male perspective! xx

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I admire you, Fiona. You take up such important issues, and transform them into ideas so well. I love all your posts and your blog so much, and honestly, thank you for doing what you do.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this! I think it is so important to highlight that boys have body issues too, and sometimes even more so as there is this whole movement about girls accepting themselves for who they are and what they look like, that boys are seemingly overlooked. I love that you talked about two huge topics – body image and bullying. xx

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    1. EXACTLY! There is all of this talk surrounding self-love etc. which is great, but 99% of that content is by women. And as a woman, while I definitely appreciate that it’s becoming a movement like you said, I want young male teens like my brother to know that it’s perfectly okay not to look like a magazine cutout. Thank you so much for this comment, I’m glad to hear that you too believe it’s an issue that has to be spoken about more.

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  3. I always think this is a topic that needs to be discussed more and I love how you’ve done this – such an open conversation. The stigma surrounding masculinity as a whole is something I absolutely despise and this includes men having to hide their thoughts and feels – do men get insecure too? Of course they do! Why? Because they’re human. Their gender doesn’t automatically mean they’re void of all emotion and feeling (though let’s be honest, some guys will try very hard to make you believe that). I think this was a great idea for a post, loved it .xx

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    1. I completely agree, I couldn’t have said it better myself. (u get me haha)
      I think it’s a shame because boys are being told from a very young age what is “manly” and what isn’t – thus not showing any kind of emotions, working out like crazy trying to reach the male “body type standard”, etc. I certainly wouldn’t want my brother to think that just because he’s male, he can’t share, express and discuss his feelings with me. I think this kind of mentality that a Lot of media also still promotes can do a lot of harm. Thank you so much, I’m happy you enjoyed reading, Chlo xx

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