Mechelen, Belgium. (2)

I know what you’re thinking… jesus Fiona, more photos… AGAIN?! The answer is yes because I just can’t help it. Following our first photoshoot day, we decided to do one again on the following afternoon. These are some of the photos I managed to capture, let me know what you think!




















33 thoughts on “Mechelen, Belgium. (2)

  1. I love your photography style! I would have loved a caption with each photo just to give it some context but apart from that, I loved the layout of this post. Belgium looks absolutely beautiful and it looks like you are having some really nice weather atm. xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, I’ll take that into consideration the next time I do a photography post. The weather has been all over the place as of late, one day it will be freezing, the other it will be like the summertime again! Thanks again, I really appreciate it! xx

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  2. Wow these photos are beautiful. You could be photographing for Reuters or something man, I seriously wish I could take photo like you

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    1. Jesus, you flatter me but there’s still a lot of room for improvement – I just like learning as I go I guess. Just pick up a camera and start taking it with you, it will do wonders for your photography if you stick to it. And editing is always a giant fun experiment πŸ˜‚ But thank you, it’s nice to hear that you like them.


  3. I’M ALL FOR THESE PHOTOS. Literally post them all day long idc. I’m fascinated by these. Everything looks so beautiful and I love how you’ve edited them – very old school (aka my favourite!!) xx

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    1. Thank you mags! And no it wasn’t, it is actually a building people live in – why they would put up so many dolls and stuffed animals… no clueπŸ˜‚ Some people just have a different taste in decorations I guess..

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