The Person Behind: kinga.jpg

In this week’s feature, get to know Kinga Kutermankiewicz, a young photographer and blogger from London and the person behind kinga.jpg.

“I think photography is a beautiful art form that allows you to capture the world in your unique perspective.”

Fiona: How old are you?

Kinga: I just turned 18!

F: Tell me a little about the origin story of your blog. When and why did you decide to create your own platform and what is kinga.jpg all about?

Kinga: So actually I’ve been blogging for as long as I’ve been taking photos – which is a LONG time. I’ve had several platforms that I used to document my creative process and those previous blogs grew and changed with me. I moved to WordPress around this time last year when creating my current blog and I’m so happy I did. I enjoy blogging on this platform so much more and I’ve met so many amazing and like-minded people because of it. My blog, kinga.jpg, is a platform for me to carry on expressing myself and sharing my photos and adventures. I also enjoy putting out content which is outside of my comfort zone more, like writing about my thoughts, growth and experiences because those are the posts that people seem to connect and enjoy the most, even though I don’t consider myself a writer.

F: A big part of your blog is your photography, which you also showcase separately on another platform. What does your creative process entail and how has social media benefited you and your work?

Kinga: My goal is to become a photographer and I think having an online presence is not essential but very beneficial because it allows you to share your work, literally to the whole world. I use Instagram as a separate outlet for my photos and it has given me the opportunity to connect with so many more people and hear their thoughts on my work. It’s also a great source of inspiration for me because I follow other photographers that I look up to and it keeps me motivated.

F: This season of The Person Behind is all about feminism in the age of the Internet. Do you believe social media to be an asset or a disadvantage in the battle for equal rights?

Kinga: Asset all the way!! It’s mind-blowing to think about all the social issues I’ve learned about through the internet and social media. I see so much empowerment and girls finally coming together through social media and it warms my heart to see Instagram accounts, magazines or podcasts which are all devoted to empowering women. However, I do think there needs to be a balance between the real world and the digital space, and right now I think we need to bring all that online support into real life. This can be done through the smallest things like complimenting your girlfriends or starting a discussion event in school.
“Discovering my passion early gave me more time to learn about it and the creative field.”

F: How was your passion for photography first sparked and what do you think photography offers that words can’t?

Kinga: When I was younger and still had a nokia brick phone I always kept on snapping (very bad) pictures on it, when I showed them to my dad he saw something in them. That Christmas he got me my first camera and the story starts there. I personally have no idea what he saw in those low quality photos of random objects but I’m so grateful and happy that he did because without him I probably wouldn’t have discovered my love for photography until much later in life. Discovering my passion early gave me more time to learn about it and the creative field. Ever since 11 years old I’ve been taking photos of pretty much everything and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I think photography is a beautiful art form that allows you to capture the world in your unique perspective. It is much more abstract and open to interpretation than writing and that’s what makes it so amazing, for me at least. The photographer needs to think about what they want to tell through their photo and how they want to tell it.

F: Do you wish to work in the creative industry one day? If so, do you think having a platform gives you an advantage?

Kinga: I don’t see myself doing anything else haha! And honestly – I have no idea! I’m still trying to figure everything out myself, but I think every platform can help you out in one way or another. Instagram has been the obvious choice for me because it’s all about photos and blogging is just something I like to do extra but I know it’s possible to make a career just off of blogging so who knows! But I would love to work for magazines, taking photographs, creating and travelling! That would be the dream!

F: What is a post you are particularly proud of and why?

Kinga: It’s so hard to choose because I put a lot of time and effort into my posts but I think one of my recent posts Lessons I’ve learned while 17 is special because I can tell from the views and comments that a lot of people different ages connected with it and it just reminds me that everyone is going through stuff and posts like those can change someone’s day. As much as I loved writing that post I didn’t really have that many photos to include in it, so another post that I love that is much more photography based is the post I wrote about my trip to France.

F: What future projects are in store for kinga.jpg?

Kinga: More content about my adventures!

F: What advice would you give other photographers who are new to the game?

Kinga: Practise makes perfect!!! I hate when people tell me this because everyone wants a quick route but that just won’t happen. You need to shoot everything, always go out with a camera and not be scared to try new editing or techniques. Whenever I look through my old photos I see them as bad, but at the time I thought that they were the best pieces of art ever to exist haha! I will probably look at the photos I’m taking now in a while and think the same thing because every artist constantly grows and with them so does their  work.

F: Thank you for your wonderful answers, Kinga! Any last words for your followers?

Kinga: I just want to say thank you for all the support no matter if you’ve been supporting me for a day or a year, every kind word actually means so much to me. Knowing that people, other than my parents, like my work is so reassuring and grounding!

Once again I would like to thank Kinga for being a part of this series! Definitely give her blog a visit, her content sets an inspiring example for other young aspiring photographers out there. ❋

Click here to visit Kinga’s blog, kinga.jpg!

If you’re interested in her photography, then click here to see more!

About this series:

Season two of The Person Behind revolves around fellow creatives and their individual experiences with social media and self-expression. This season aims to emphasize feminism and outdated social constructs and underline the significance of raising awareness and spreading the word.


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